Phish 2013

  • No shows before June
  • Hawaii
  • Festival at another Northeast Race Track, Watkins Glen is the currentĀ front runnerĀ  but there is another race track with interest.
  • 30th anniversary festivities

7 thoughts on “Phish 2013

  1. When are we phishin at first consol energy center in pittsburgh? Beautiful new arena. Bieber played there, so kuroda already knows where to park.

  2. Phish should play a festavil in up state ny, no more Watkins Glen come home to Saratoga springs!! You can have a music festivel at the Saratoga race track??? Or have it some place up in the Adirondacks!

  3. I hope. They play. All over the country. So I can catch. More shows. I hope they play. At alpine wisc. Mich. indi tenn miss Iowa. And Ill !!!!! At least 3 shows. Here. Not uic. To small. Thad be awesome. I. Hope they play. All gamehenge Songs. Too. Oh. I have to go on tour. With a lady. I met last year.

  4. Its time for phish to come back to Minnesota. Have another listen to the 99 target center show. Piper second set. Phish Check into the excel energy center the sound is awesome there or target field outside!!

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