7/2 Molson Canadian Amphitheatre Toronto, ONT
7/3 Darien Lake Performing Arts Center Darien, NY  DMB playing
7/5 Saratoga Springs Performing Arts Center New York, NY
7/6 Saratoga Springs Performing Arts Center New York, NY
7/7 Saratoga Springs Performing Arts Center New York, NY
7/9 Nikon at Jones Beach Theatre Wantagh, NY
7/10 Nikon at Jones Beach Theatre Wantagh, NY
7/12 Aarons at Lakewood Atlanta, GA Verizon Wireless, Alpharetta, GA
7/13 Aarons at Lakewood Atlanta, GA Verizon Wireless, Alpharetta, GA
7/14 Oak Mountain Amphitheatre Pelham, AL
7/16 Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre Charlotte, NC
7/17 Blossom Music Center Cuyahoga Falls, OH  Train is playing
7/18 Klipsch Music Center Noblesville, IN ???
7/20 Charter One Pavilion Chicago, IL
7/21 Charter One Pavilion Chicago, IL

39 thoughts on “PHISH SUMMER TOUR 2013 RUMORS

  1. Saw Radiohead at the Molson Amp, no way the boys said they like that palce. What a dump, not to mention it’s a speed trap getting to that place. Nothing but trouble for all involved.

    • trey made several comments during 2000/07/06 about his affinity for the venue. it was a great time. i hope they play there, i can’t think of a better venue in toronto for a phish show. can you?

      • If we are talking about the Molson Amp in Berry Ont. then probably just about anywhere would be better. Unless every Amp in Canada is called the Molson….

        • Barrie, ONT? My guess would be we’re talking about the open air waterfront venue near downtown Toronto here. I think there is a Molson Centre, in Barrie though. They’ve played in the former several times, starting in ’99. Great place to see a show – and Toronto’s a good time by itself!

        • There was a Molson Park in Barrie (I think it’s gone now). But there is a Molson Ampitheatre in downtown toronto that is where Phish played before. It will do!!!!

    • Hate to be the bearer of bad news but I’m pretty sure Trey’s not even aloud to cross the boarder into Canada lol. Sooo chances are Phish will not be playing there any time soon.

  2. Lakewood is a dump and located in a terrible part of Atlanta. I am hoping it is in Alpharetta. HOW ABOUT A NEW ORLEANS SHOW??? I am hoping they give us a good Southeastern run. Maybe Birmingham again, Charleston, somewhere in Florida, Chattanooga. Phish, we love you guys down here and are not all Panic fiends.

    • Lakewood is a blast and allows more freedom. Better vibe. venue site is huge and parking isn’t such a segregated problem. I like lakewood.

      • More freedom to do what exactly? What kind of “vibe” do you get? The “vibe” I get is similar to disgust. Parking and trying to leave after the show is terrible. Trying to catch the shuttle to Marta (clean but not exactly efficient) is extremely annoying considering all the other heady bra’s who took too many illegal substances and are dripping with sweat. Alpharetta is way more cleaner and with the amount of shady characters hanging around Lakewood, I’ll stick with my initial opinion. Lakewood had its days in the past. Please do not do drugs, they change who you are and are bad for your health. Peace to everyone and best of wishes for the next tour.

        • Oh and don’t take that last post personally or anything. I have no idea who you are or why you go to shows, and I did not imply that you partake in illegal activities. I just always try to send a good message to fellow phans. You are also rightfully inclined to your opinion an if they play Lakewood, I will still be there no matter how bad I think it is. Hope you have an excellent tour!

          Always try and give the gift of Phish to the younger audience. Music today is in decline and there are less and less quality acts.

          • I live very close to the Alpharetta Amphetheatre and the only show I want to be at Lakewood is Phish. that’s just the best place for that ATL show. If you know the back roads the traffic is much easier.

  3. Phish will definitely hit the south heavy this year. but late. We, and they, know how miserable it gets in the heat of summer. Heard from a reliable source 2 nights in pelham. And a not so reliable source suggested 2 nights at the wharf amp in orange beach, al in leu of pelham.

  4. Second year in a row phish plays Chicago during another festie, wtf? are they doing this on purpose? haha it can’t be a coincidence

  5. What about Merriweather and Portsmouth?? Merriweather scene has a bad vibe, but they go back there every summer. Portsmouth ROCKS and sells out before any other venue. And they love the area. No way they’re going to skip MD/VA entirely! Also, I saw Raleigh (which they skipped last year) on a rumor list yesterday – if they do Raleigh they’ll have to do Charlotte, but not vice versa.

  6. They need to hit Toyota park again!
    Great venue, sounds titties there, and the first 2 times they played there were phenomenal shows!

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