Phish Spring 2014 Rumors

Jazzfest – Confirmed


Texas – Austin 360???

Short southern run (Birmingham and Southaven)???

Page and the Meter Men night show at the Republic First weekend of Jazzfest w/ Trey

TAB late night Jazzfest?

The Phish Jazzfest show will be the only one of the spring?

Austin 4/23/14

11 thoughts on “Phish Spring 2014 Rumors

  1. I was hoping for Austin. Wish that rumor was true. That would be great some Southwest dates!
    then a nice
    Festival 10 would be great. We are in need of the double digi festi.

  2. Hmm, I miss the good ole dayz. You know, that feeling in 98 when summer tours were long and getting a tape recording of the show you were at a month later by mail was awesome! But I do love the accessibility of every show today and the great sound quality is a luxury!

    Some should try not complaining about setlists and expecting this or that from phish. Maybe those kids were around back then too, I just wasn’t exposed to them. Everything is transparent now. I guess the trick is and has always been to surrender to the flow!!!!!! Phish on summer 14!!!!!:-)

  3. Two horn players from TAB (Jennifer Hartswick, Natalie Cressman) are on the line-up for Fiya Water (on the riverboat Cajun Queen) the same night Phish plays @ JazzFest. And they just pushed the start time back to 2 hours after the last set at ‘fest ends. Hmmm…

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