More Phish Summer 2014 Rumors

July 1, 2014 – Xfinity Center – Mansfield, MA —¬†

July 3-5, 2014 – Saratoga Performing Arts Center – Saratoga Springs, NY

July 7, 2014 – PNC Bank Arts Center – Holmdel, NJ
July 8-9, 2014 – Mann Center for the Performing Arts – Philadelphia, PA
July 11-13, 2014 – Randall’s Island – New York, NY
July 15, 2014 – CMAC Performing Arts Center – Canandaigua, NY
July 16, 2014 – First Niagara Pavilion – Burgettstown, PA
July 18-20, 2014 – First Merit Pavilion – Chicago, IL
July 22, 2014 – Starlight Theatre – Kansas City, MO
July 23, 2014 – Zoo Amphitheatre – Oklahoma City, OK
July 25, 2014 – Oak Mountain Amphitheatre – Pelham, AL
July 26-27, 2014 – Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre – Alpharetta, GA
July 29, 2014 – PNC Music Pavilion – Charlotte, NC
July 30, 2014 – nTelos Music Pavilion – Portsmouth, VA
August 1-3, 2014 – Merriweather Post Pavilion – Columbia, MD

41 thoughts on “More Phish Summer 2014 Rumors

      • Yeah I have, have you seen the people confiscating coolers, and handing out tickets for just selling water on a brutally hot humid day in July? I kinda felt like I was making a sketchy drug deal just from buying food, and a drink. I’m glad your experiences were better though! I’m just saying why the Mann when Camden is right there.

        • With the place under new management, the fairmount park commission is much more lax. I was there this summer for two shows, no issue with tailgating whatsoever. also, the venue makes it worth it.

        • Last time I was at the Mann, it was a complete free for all. Not only vendors but tanks everywhere and cops standing just outside the property not giving a fuck.

  1. Northerly sucks ass, I can’t believe phish would shaft the Midwest again this year. Damn near the same dates and everything for chicago

    • God what the hell is your problem Northerly was dank. It was the biggest venue all tour as well as brand spanking new so last year was only the first go-around too… I had the time of my life at those two shows plus they just gave out a 3 set show (1st non-holiday since 1996) to a new venue. Northerly was sick so go f**k yourself

      • They gave us a 3rd set night 2 becuase there was a lightening storm night 1 and had to cancel. Sunday it rained so hard for over an hour that everyone was drenched and the second set was a mud pit in the lawn. So much rather have Deer Creek > Alpine and I live 15 minutes away from this venue.

    • i would be very surprised if northerly turns out to be true. not great sound, not great lawn, not great layout, super far walk from chicago and, oh yeah, in chicago and they did it last year. i would bet heavily on an alpine/creek run. unless there’s some reason that those are off the table. personally i’d rather they go back to UIC than northerly.

        • Sound was good on floor, less so on lawn. And, for me, hiking in from soldier field and back got old. Transportation was rough with traffic. I like having shows out in the open with a lot. it was cool being right off the lake but I would like to see them back at alpine/creek, too.

          • They need to take down that stupid ass guard rail up between the lawn & floor & make it all g.a. Tickets. I was in the lawn night one against the rail & there was so much open space on the floor. Thank god I got on the floor for night 2 & 3.

        • Northerly is getting fixed for this year. Sound in lawn was not bad and if you can’t make that walk then you’ve got problems; it’s literally downtown as it gets.
          I also thought they would do an alpine/deer creek run since they didn’t do it last year but northerly is a stop that can accommodate everyone, right in the middle.
          It actually does make the most sense, especially since they should have every actual problem fixed this year.

  2. Rip alpine no concerts this year .. Love or hate northerly is here to stay.. So many phans can get there…

    This list is pretty much truth as someone who gave u fall and New Years and yemsg is confirmed for 2014 run to end year..

    Three nights in Maryland only thing that seems offf

  3. Northerly is great if ur in the venue. The lawn is terrible. I don’t understand why they won’t go back to Toyota Park in Bridgeview, IL. It’s way easier to get to than Northerly, is big enough for everyone who wants to go, and the sound is great. It’s like a mini Dicks!

  4. if you don’t like the Northerly venue, then stay home and veg out, don’t come, its freaking awesome, I was in the lawn all 3 nights last year and had so much fun, a blast is to be had by all. lower your standards and open your ears people.

    Chicago, il

    • The lawn sucks.!.!.! & the way it was with screens it was like paying for a web cast of the show sitting in the lawn.

      • dude, stay home if you don’t like the venue, who sits on the lawn and who cares about screens, its about the sound and the vibe, both of which were sick, 3 set show, skyline views, great phans except for you bitching about seeing Phish live in 2013. fyi, live nation raised the stage this year and leveled out the lawn, also, my first show was santa fe when Trey shaved his head, were you born then?

        • The lawn sucks. The floor was awsome all round & yes I was born when Trey shaved his head! I been seeing phish since 94. I glad to here they are going to raise the stage for the kids in the lawn. Have great summer tour in 2014 peace!

        • Have you been to other venues besides Santa Fe and Northerly? That lawn sucks. Maybe if tix were still around $30 it might be ok, but at $50-70 I’d much rather be at Alpine or DC. At least at Alpine if you’re way up on the lawn the sound is still pumping and you’re looking down, so you don’t have to see over people and at DC you’ve got camping nearby. I’ll take the vibe at those 2 venues over Northerly anyday.

          • Yeah! Notherly sucked! That lawn was horrible! Floor was tight! The skylinewas awesome! If they raised the lawn and slopped it similair to Alpine (not as large) it would be a premier venue on the national stage!

  5. Northly was cursed with bad weather last year. Unfortunately no matter how powerful we think the boys are they do not control the cold rain and snow, that is Phil’s job.

    I do understand that folks in the lawn were not as pleased with sound, sight and other conditions. Rumors have been they are raising the stage for larger shows, and building up the lawn a little to pitch it toward the stage. As well they will be adding additional speaker towers.

    My experience last year was grand on the floor as well as the prior year for The Dead the sound was great and the view was awesome even with drunken eyes.

    To note the Buffet fans have a lot more money than us and come from an older more respect age group and their concerns were heard last year. If Northly wants to become a big time venue they need to adhere to the call of the customers.

    We also have to take in account that Northly is not a naturally shaped concert venue and is located in Chicago park district. They can only change the grounds so much because of several protected species of birds that reside on the property.

    My personal opinion is it as acoustically sound compared to Deer Creek or Alpine, NO! But the 6- up are not as harsh and do not pray on the phans as much. The Chicago 6-up are adjusted to dealing with high traffic hustling and get enough stings daily with the day to day in the city. As well new concert venues tend to be always a little more casual the first couple of years on shakedown and communal areas if we are not hanging our dirty laundry in public. This is to ensure the repeated use of the venue bringing in revenue to the local economy which phans are notorious for doing were ever we go. (Remember the articles about the revenue brought in from The Great Went and IT in Bangor, just for example.)

    I remember at one time SPAC was one of the most laid back spots to hustle and from what I hear as of recent it has become a very strict venue. (Have not been back since Allmans in ’04.)

    When it all boils down to it we are there to enjoy the boys play some sick sets, get our groove on and enjoy the company of other kids doing the same.

    So lets keep the fun chatter going and pray for the kids in the south and west coast getting some good dates as well. See you on lot and on the floor getting it in!

    (currently in Chicago unfortunately…LOL)

    • Well said. there’s certainly worse venues out there. Still any Phish head who thinks Northerly is a better option than Alpine or Deer Creek obviously has not spent much time at those venues. Some of the best shows Phish has ever played were at those 2 venues. I know Northerly is newer and deserves a shot for glory, but when you take into account the sound, lawn, lot and camping options at Alpine and DC, there is really no comparison.

      • Gza,

        Sir I do not believe you did not read my entire post because I most definitely attested to the fact that acoustics, are non the comparison to that of Alpine and Deer Creek. Alpines lot has always been chill at least it was in the 90’s- pre break days when I spent many years on tour and at these venues. Deer Creek has always been great sound wise but lot wise it was a greased trap.

        When it all boils down to it, the shows sounds are what counts I totally understand your prospective and agree with it non the less.

        But how can you dismiss the second time they have played three sets in a regular show, one of the rare occasions of an improve group performing with the boys non the less a group that has had such great influences on comedy like Belushi, Candy, Aykroyd just to name a few. Additionally Gordo doing improve with them at Second City when they were in town.

  6. What happended to the early rumours of Canadian shows (either Toronto and/or Montreal)? No love for the Great White North?

  7. I was at Northerly Island all 3 nights last summer. There was a ton of room in GA section and you could get close. Yes, the weather totally sucked and we were rewarded man times, AND I had a blast, but that venue has its share of problems. First of all, it is a hike to get to. If you want to stay up a little north of the venue, and you do, you need to cab down and that was a fucking nightmare both before and after to catch a cab. Then when you get dropped off you walk a long way onto the peninsula. Further, there is absolutely no shelter on that island – fucking unreal. They are totally unprepared for the elements in the event of a storm. You literally are left huddling in the piss wreaking urinal buses out back. That sucked. The venue needs to fix some things if Phish indeed goes back there.




    • We’re did you get that info from a stupid idea in your stupid head! That’s false! No alpine or deer creek……………

  9. Head over to the SPAC event website and it looks like they already have a 3-night run locked down for July 5-7. You actually have to search an end date for July 10 for example and then it will show up. They skipped the 4th last year and did the EXACT same dates at the SPAC. They also took off July 4th last year to probably spend time with the family and kids and rest of Phish, which could definitely be the case this year since they already have the Mansfield date for July 1.

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