Phish Summer 2013 Part II

8/1 Americas Cup Pavilion San Francisco CA
8/2 Americas Cup Pavilion San Francisco CA
8/3 Americas Cup Pavilion San Francisco CA
8/5 Irvine,CA or Los Angeles, CA
8/7 Thomas and Mack Center Las Vegas NV
8/9 The Gorge George WA
8/10 The Gorge George WA

8/17 – 8/18 Festival X Pocono Raceway   no summer festival

8/30-9/1 Dicks Sporting Goods Park , Commerce City, CO

17 thoughts on “Phish Summer 2013 Part II

  1. No way for the 30th celebration are they doing a two day fest. Another 3 nights in SF? Only one night Vegas? None of that seems realistic

  2. Some of these venues have other shows going on these dates … Let’s get some relative rumors not just someones made up suff annoucement for the past two summer tours have happened feb 22 and feb 29 so in. Like a week we should probably have some real confirmed dates

    • I believe attendance was low for SuperBall 9 because they played a bunch of shows before and after the Fest on the East coast. I bet they would have a much larger crowd if the were currently not touring the East coast. People who can see them a week before or a week after are probably less likely to go to a festival in the middle of a bunch of shows close to them. They are smart guys. If they starve us we will be hungrier for a festival. Just my thoughts.

  3. shoreline amphitheater would be totes tight. hopefully they have some openers since it’s their 30th anniversary – maybe Pat Ford or Rebecca Black

  4. I wouldn’t count out Pocono Raceway just yet…know for certain this site was looked at for a festival months and months ago…

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