Things that make you go hmmmm

7/2 Toronto, ON
7/4 Hartford, CT
7/5-7 Saratoga Springs, NY
7/9-10 Holmdel, NJ
7/12-13 Atlanta, GA
7/14 Charlotte, NC
7/16-17 Columbia, MD
7/19-21 Chicago, IL
7/26-27 Quincy, WA
7/29-31 San Francisco, CA
8/30-9/1 Commerce City, CO(possible weekend after labor day?)

28 thoughts on “Things that make you go hmmmm

  1. Phish will host their 30th Anniversary Festival in ……

    BETHEL NEW YORK on the grounds of Woodstock. They will be lifting the camping ban for this one historical event.

    • Impossible HOB AC is too small. That’s more than intimate, that’s like jammin in my garage with them. But I would love for that to be true

    • They hate playing Hartford? Huh? 8/14/09 ring a bell? Dude that’s just a stupid comment. Besides how the hell do you know that?

  2. U can’t snum merriweather two
    Years in a row and Camden will get two
    Nights as well….. Hershey/starlake around Halloween
    Pocono featy in August!

  3. So the website has been down twice in less than two weeks. Both times it has come back up bunk. I think they are teasing us like they use too tease the Simpsons rift!

    I am praying for the 3 days in Chi-town at Northerly Island. The venue is sick, really small but sick. Saw Furthur there last year and Phil ripped it up, I could just imagine Page tinkling the ivories there and keeping it classy!

    • The company is actually called red light management not red light productions so that’s a fake. I’m happy about that too cuz I need more east coast shows 🙂

  4. C’mon Phish! Release the dates already : ) Today is 16 years from the day they recorded the Slip, Stitch, and Pass show, 3.1.97 in Hamburg Germany…my favorite show yet! It’s Friday and 3/1 now so pretty please give us the dates…: )

  5. They hate playing Hartford? Huh? 8/14/09 ring a bell? That’s a stupid comment. Besides how the hell do you know?

  6. Not A Rumor But…
    Phish will be on the Sunday Morning Show on Sunday March 10th 2013 on CBS. Woohoo! : ) Enjoy, Everyone : ) : )

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