31 thoughts on “Another Phish hiatus/breakup after 2013?

  1. Who’s starting this? Why would this be assumed. Has a hiatus even been hinted at by the band? This is an important year that promises to be full of seriously memorable shows. Can we not get it off the ground under a cloud of bullshit please….

  2. Why would someone calling themselves a Phish Phan start a thread like that right before the most anticipated year of shows in decades? Be kind.

  3. Phish phans are the absolute worse. They always bitch about the band, and really don’t care about the music. It’s become an insane popularity contest. Who’s got the freshest Nike sb’s, who’s been to the most shows, who’s got the most money. Phish phans are without a doubt the most selfish people on the planet. It’s disgusting. “1 in 10,000 are there for the show.”

    • Why do you even care? Why are you even posting something if all you do is complain about how stupid you think Phish fans are? Did you know that not every fan of this band’s music is the same? Have you ever thought that maybe some people just enjoy the music and nothing more?

      I’m sure a lot of people love hearing you talk about such a stupid topic all the time in real life. Think about all the other important conversations you could have instead of “how much you hate Phish fans”….let’s see…how about an interesting book you have read? Or why the US Congress work schedule is a disgrace to the citizens it fails to help? Or why our government is made up of mostly upper class white Americans who are swayed by money rather than standing up for what is right for this country? Or why the gay community is being stripped of their basic human rights?

      I can go on and on with this. You need to just think about what you are doing in this world and why there are so many better things to think about and discuss rather than your personal hatred for a small community of individuals. Let the people listen to whomever or whatever they want. Let the assholes go on about their conquest of Phish tours. Those people will be bottom up in a barrell sucking eggs out of a dead chicken in a few years so why let them annoy you?

      Live and let die.

      • I agree with this dude, congress should be tared n feathered ( not at taxpayer expense,) then fired from a cannon 1 at a time at the westboro baptist church! have a happy n safe summer tour everyone! I heard roumors of fall tour including Blue cross arena in rocha, NY. hope it’s true. peace!

    • What are u talking about? Bragging about Nike sneakers? Selfish? There’s one of two things going on here: 1. You’re just trying to stir the pot for self amusement, or 2. You don’t know shit about shit. In either case your tirade was woefully lame and so off the mark from the reality of the scene. Ha, fucking Nike sneakers hierarchy! What has the phish lot come to?

      • Couldn’t agree more, Oscar the Ocelot. Everyone loves talking nonsense about how “all Phish fans are the same”. That person was either trolling or just being ignorant. I haven’t seen any bullshit Nike sneaker competition and have never had a bad experience at one of their concerts even with the people who partake in illegal activities. The ones who do have dumb conversations about how many shows they have are usually ones I don’t associate with so as long as you enjoy yourself at the concert and enjoy the music, that is all that is important.

        No time to hate, but plenty of time to wait…for the next tour.

    • Nice English. “The absolute worse” is gramatically incorrect. “Who’s got the most money” is questionable as well. Go back to 1st Grade. FYI…I am ALWAYS there for the show. I am also brand loyal to Nike. Go figure…

  4. What I find annoying are the posts like this that come from the idiots who ruin the show for all of us. My guess is you are the fools drinking straight vodka and eating 10 pills in the 100 degree sun, then coming into the show and acting a fool so security is more strict on us all. Then of course you go puke all over the seating area, are loud and scream when the band is trying to sing or talk to the crowd. Go find a new post to post your nonsense on. The band is going strong, 30 years anniversary this summer, and to think they are going to stop. If anything since they changed management companies their touring has increased, but lay off the pipe and maybe you would know that. To all my sane brothers and sisters see you this summer!!!
    Zig Zag

  5. Dont you guys think some people in this thread should get off their petastels … We should just be happy the band is playing and everyone should be allowed to enjoy the lot and the show in there own way … This is a great thing for all us let’s all be phriendly and thankful the music is still playing the band even after one short but far too long breakup

  6. – person bashing phans is obviously ignorant & a jackass / dipshit – the kind i desperately avoid at shows…

    – i am sorry but gramatical corrections on any chat room / board / thread is weak

    my 2 cents

  7. Went for an early morning run with trey this morning, told me he is over it. Looking to cash in on one more tour then call it quits because he wants to focus on broadway shows and playing with the New York Phillharmonic.

  8. And now I remember why I generally don’t open threads like this. Maybe the same asshole who posted the thread made the Phish phan comment. I don’t know. Why cant everyone just be? If you think the band is calling it quits (and you actually care) then quit posting and start buying those coveted summer tour tickets. If you hate Phish phans then you probably shouldn’t be looking up Phish related articles in the first place. If you’re one of those complete jerks who posts on different threads just to be controversial then please reconsider your purpose in this life and find something better to believe in.

  9. These responses are full of hate.

    Just an observation.

    Looking forward to the tour, it should be lots of fun.

    (Good vibes to all of the viewers)

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