18 thoughts on “Phish New Years 2013 – MSG 4(Maybe 5) Nights

  1. Once again Chicago gets no fall dates. I thought the boys liked coming here to play guess not! They haven’t played a fall show here since 2003!

  2. A 3 night UIC Pavilion run would be sufficient for midwest fall dates. Allstate Arena sucks, United Center is not much better. Even Chicago Theatre or Auditorium Theatre would be nice.

  3. This is a weak fall tour 12 shows & all on east coast! What’s the deal with that they only played 3 Midwest shows on summer tour this year! I thought this was a big year with lots of surprises!!

  4. Someone on PT said that Fishman’s next baby is due around Thanksgiving, killing chances of a 30th Anniversary run. But that’s some dude on PT…

    Do you like rabbits?

  5. I hope they are playing MSG. Us older NYC people have been getting kinda screwed. Jones Beach blows and is hard to get to without a car especially on a work day. Other than that, we just get the NYE shows. Thank god.

  6. Wow its super cool I seen the boys 102 and this will be 103 since at centrum got like at wipeout run or sabatoage whatever. Daniel saw the mirror in the bathroom ie English beat and saw the terripan anyway way I glide to be going sat dcu with some old friends

  7. All good at least they are playing and on point don’t mind a fun lot by no means just good chill people being cool and haveing fun

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