19 thoughts on “2013 Halloween Rumors?

  1. I’m hoping for zepplin, dead, or Yes ( Fragile ) but really have no idea. Maybe Pavement? Silver Jews?

    Thanks for starting the thread btw!!!

  2. Two that sound interesting:
    Elton John – Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. It rocks and I feel like they really enjoy rocking out these days more so than getting into the stranger side of jamming.

    Jimmy Hendrix – Electric Ladyland. More rocking out and jams.

    Both are albums with a lot of songs, but maybe something from the 80s or 90s like Devo, Minutemen, etc.

  3. Grateful Dead. I thought for a while that the album with the same name (not skull & roses) made sense….but what about Built to Last? It’s a 90’s album, they haven’t ventured past the 80’s yet on Halloween, and it’s totally appropriate, and it’s a sleeper in the Dead catalog IMO. How psyched would the audience be to hear the opening notes of Foolish Heart kick off set 2 on Halloween?

  4. Huey Lewis and The News – Sports

    All clues lead to this album during the Glens Falls set break webcast….

    Could be a trick though.

  5. Zep of course the obvious but would lean perhaps more heavily on Page vocals as not sure trey hitting the plant notes. What about Traffic? They bust out a couple of those tunes and seem to enjoy them. Marley album? James Gang? Just spewing….

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