Phish Fall Tour 2014 Rumors

No additional east coast dates will be announced this summer or fall –

10/21-10/22 Key Arena, Seattle
10/24-10/26 BGCA, San Franciso
10/28-10/29 Forum, LA
10/31-11/2 Thomas & Mack, Las Vegas

Seattle – key arena

Halloween Vegas

festival x?


ohio? (nutter center)


Long Beach

Staples Center/Forum?


34 thoughts on “Phish Fall Tour 2014 Rumors

  1. I heard they are doing a Midwest run & east coast in the fall. Then not many shows in 2015 just random runs like halloween & New Years! Hate to say it but it could be true.

    • o.O so you’re telling me that A: Phish lied when they said no additional east coast dates this summer or fall and


      • Hey Dick I mean Dan I heard this before they released summer tour dates if you look at when I posted this it was March 10th! So maybe my source ment to say Midwest & west coast tour for fall.

  2. Everyone was saying 2014 was going to be a year off other than NYE, now its “probably” gonna be 2015? Doubtful. They will continue to bust out 35-60 shows a year, and NYE will continue to be @ MSG until Penn Station kicks the Dolans and MSG from the current location (7+ years left on that though).

  3. Notice the landing spot was the number TEN on the helicopter pad? Also keep in mind that Indio was approved for 5 fests in 2014 (2 Coachellas, Stagecoach and two in the fall)….Lets hope one is fest 10.

        • Because the show being hinted at in the video is going to be Chinese New Year in Hawaii.

          Festival 10 WILL be in Hawaii…and here is WHY.

          Chopper lands on a big red 10 which you have to get special permission to land on in LA because those numbered helipads on top of skyscrapers are used for emergency purposes due to local ordinances regarding earthquakes. Landing on an H in any city would be much easier to do and could be done anywhere and easier.

          Now here is the translation:

          “Here is what you must do. You must go to the edge of the city. There, you will find him. He will not be like you hope. In fact, he might even be someone you wouldn’t look at.”

          Kauloa Ranch is kind of on the edge of a city on Oahu and it is certainly on the edge of an island…and we all know people have been hoping for either Indio or Vegas…and many people don’t usually get the chance to look at Hawai’i by traveling there. Until this video, no one was hoping for Hawai’i…it was NOT “like we hoped.”

          “He might look like a kind of bush, or a reporter for the local real estate company. But it is him. Ask him something. He will say, “What is it?” You will say “You know… like we discussed.””

          “Like we discussed”…Kauloa Ranch was the original site for Phish’ 6th Festival but they dropped it in favor of a huge festival in Big Cypress…you know, “like we discussed before”.

          “It’s very important that you use these words. He will temporarily disappear. Although he is leaving, you will examine your phone. Perhaps you exclaim something about the weather.”

          Note that it says it is VERY important to use these words…tellling you that DISCUSSING THIS BEFORE is VERY important…and the weather in Hawaii is definitely something to get happy about…especially considering how this winter has been for most.

          “Then he will return your target. Exchanging the target, you will give him a signed copy of the novel “Hawaii” by James Michener. The signature must be from a child pretending he is James Michener.”

          The choice of James Mchener’s novel Hawaii is the easy part…but what about this “child” pretending to be him? That’s weird…or is it? Let’s see…go to the web site of Kauloa Ranch where Phish was ready to have their 6th festival…and you will see that they tout the spectacular view of Mokoli’i island from the concert grounds. Mokoli’i translates from Hawaiian as “little lizard.” According to Hawaiian mythology, the island is the remains of a Giant Lizard’s tail that was chopped off and tossed into the ocean by the goddess Hi’iaka.

          “Once you have your target, flip this page over in order to understand how to rescue our species from extinction.”

          Extinction? Well…guess what…lizards are NOT native to Hawai’i…basically extinct. Flip that paper over from top to bottom that the Chinese equivalent of James Bond lit on fire, and the upside down orientation of the Island chain supposedly burned into the Mandarin written on the paper, is now on a blank sheet of paper righting the orientation and looking more like a map.

          We are the little lizards who have to go to Hawai’i to save our species…and of course hear the Gamehange set that they wanted to play way back in 1999, but couldn’t because “like they discussed before”…this is the PLACE…they have been waiting a LONG time to do this…and it is time!

          Now, the Island of Mokoli’i being commonly called “Chinaman’s Hat” could HAVE been the only reason to do this video in in Mandarin as opposed to Portuguese…but I am thinking there is more to using Mandarin than just the nickname of an island….meaning Chinese New Year are the dates I am thinking…but then again, Phish never seems to announce anything too early…except for Big Cypress. I hope it’s Chinese New Year, because Halloween seems too soon and NYE is too expensive and late February is a PERFECT spring break time to get away from the winter here on the mainland…and you still have Vegas for Halloween and MSG for NYE.

          And oh…aside from calling Gamehenge as the “special set”, I am also calling for Birds of a Feather opener…because…the Wedge-tailed Shearwater is the only species of bird that nests on Mokolii. 🙂

          Phish wanted to do this 15 years ago…and I am sure you can now see why…and they ARE going to have Festival 10 in the same place they scouted out 15 years ago. It’s on!

  4. If you click on news on and read the about the summer tour it says there will be no additional east coast dates for summer & fall. So that means Midwest & west coast fall tour for 2014!

  5. If they do play Long Beach and Staples Center ( I would guess they’re gonna play the new and improved Forum) then Fest X in Indio. I will be in Phish Heaven!!! And throwing Vegas Halloween. Wow, just Wow!!!

    • Who knows they will most likely release fall tour before dicks run or right after it most likley be a September / October fall run starting in the Midwest & ending out west on halloween.

  6. If Phish could play The Gorge for 2 or 3 shows the weekend after Commerce City, I would be up for that. Not any other weekends available as Jack Johnson is booked at The Gorge on Sat Aug 23 and Linkin Park on Sat Sep 13. I also understand there is a local ordinance limiting the number of shows at The Gorge. Pacific Northwest weather is very iffy getting past mid-September. Getting 15-20k fans to the Gorge for a 2-3 day show and camping this late in the season is pressing your luck.

    If a west coast fall tour happens, and Phish elects to play outside shows in the Pac NW, look for shows in smaller sheds close to urban areas. However most sheds have an early curfew. Unless Phish can play late enough in the evening to allow Kuroda to put on a decent light show, then an outside show is not attractive. And if camping is not available then an outside show, much distance from an urban area is even less attractive. Thus, I doubt any fall Pacific Northwest shows will be outside, maybe except for one-off shows at some smaller urban sheds. And even then there is weather risk. Key Arena, Moda Center (Rose Garden) and/or Knight Arena are more likely destinations.

  7. So it says no additional east coast dates for summer or fall. So does this mean fall tour will start in the Midwest & end out west?

  8. How can you already have Long Beach Arena crossed off, when there is NOTHING booked at the arena as of yet. Pretty sure y’all just make this crap up.

  9. You are all forgetting Vancouver BC. used to be a regular stop. I think Pacific coliseum in Vancouver is being considered. I know this from a very unreliable source, so it must be true!

  10. inside info, The Summer dates that have been announced are the last for 2014 except for new years eve. Phish will have no fall tour and very limited 2015 dates.

    • WRONG!!!! Why, why would they stop now???? They are absolutely killing it!! They on fire. Chicago Sunday was rediculous, I would think to do 8 shows in 2015 would be absurd. 3 Halloween, 4 NYC and a couple others? Maybe like 20 or 30 others…….And can anyone tell me why no Noblesville or Cinci???? I’ve saw some great pre and post hiatus shows in both places!

      • I spoke to the head people at deer creek and they just said no phish this year, wouldn’t go into anything more. they did say we hope to have them next year, fingers crossed. They are all into Country now, sad b/c it’s right up the street.

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