More 2014 Fall Rumors

October 17/18 – Seattle, WA

October 19 – Portland, OR

October 21 – Boise, ID

October 22 – Salt Lake City, UT

October 24-26 – San Francisco, CA

October 28 – Los Angeles, CA

October 30 – 11/1 – Las Vegas, NV

8 thoughts on “More 2014 Fall Rumors

  1. These dates make a lot more sense than the last stab at phall tour on this site. The Vegas rumor now says “Vegas” and not “Thomas and Mack” like last month’s dates here so that may mean the MGM Grand is the spot.

  2. If these dates are true it should just call it west coast tour. It simple states on phish site no additional east coast shows for summer or fall so one would think they not going to screw the Midwest 2 years in a row in the fall!

  3. I think it only right to have the shows at the la forum . the band has out grown the greek no matter how great that would be. the new forum would be epic .

  4. ’97 summer through winter, best phish tour ever, cant go back but the memoriezzzz never leave(just fade away a bit). that being said, this fall line up looks illAdellyk! never foget our sisterz an’ brotherz lost to D.O.C across the country, 15 yrs for some paper? Love America but Fuck this goverment. No justice,Just Us, so watch out 4 each other and lets rage this tour. Dance Like Nobody iz watching.

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