Phish New Years 2014

12/28-12/31 or 12/31-1/3 Miami, Florida or NYC?

Sunrise?  Miami?

The heat have home games on 

The Ny  Play No home games from 12/26-1/2

NY Rangers play MSG on 12/27



81 thoughts on “Phish New Years 2014

  1. Dear boys, PLEASE come back to Miami I was at all the New Years shows last time you were here!!! Still don’t know what happened when you shot Fish out of the cannon / rocket 🙂 incredible music. We need the new music shared here. Love

  2. I know everyone says this, but I have a friend that told me Miami is pretty much confirmed. He has never given me incorrect info before.

  3. Brady,
    I too have heard the same rumor. In Tampa….from a ‘reliable’ source.
    We’ll have to wait and see though, won’t we?
    Fingers Crossed X

  4. They really should play Chicago for New Years! They owe Midwest something after fall 2013 on the east coast & fall 2014 being on the west coast!!

  5. They could easily play West Palm Beach. We have Cruzan Amphitheater at the fairgrounds. Or American Airlines in Miami. .. but Cruzan would be WAY cooler.

  6. Would love to see them in South Florida for NYE, however I read an article recently (I believe it was in the Miami Herald) that Pit Bull was booked in the AA Arena for NYE 2014-15. I don’t know if there is another venue around to host? Big Cypress, Sunrise? I definitely think from a business standpoint, MSG if it’s available is a no brainer for the banf

    • Pitbull is performing as part of Fox Network’s New Year’s Eve Special, I don’t think they do that at AAA I believe they do that on the beach somewhere or near the bay where the fireworks are happening.

    • Do people really think they are ever going to play Big Cyprus again? Come on. These guys are getting into their 50s. Their fan base is getting older and more diverse. It’s not a bunch of young people wanting to camp in the middle of no where. As the fan base gets older, people are planning vacations now surrounding going to Phish Shows (especially at New Years). They want to be able to go somewhere and have things to do during the day. This isn’t to say that Phish is totally beyond festivals, but you won’t ever see them back at big cypress. Times change and those days are gone. The band doesn’t want to do that either, and neither does a lot of the aging fan base.

  7. Yup- after Miami 09, they had a 4 yr contractual at MSG…for 10, 11, 12, 13…
    Ahhh 2014- NYE .. the sunshine state….
    .I can hear you when you sigh…..

    • Miami or Hawaii I really don’t care still trying to figure out why there are no Midwest dates this fall! The phish website clearly said no additional dates for east cost for summer or fall when they announced summer tour! I sent a email to & no one has answerd me back! Midwest just gets screwed over & over. Thank god I live in Chicago & got three this summer. We haven’t had phish fall since 2000!!!!!!!!

      • Oh BOO HOO for you. I live in New Orleans. We have had two dates within a three hour drive since 1999. Chicago, Alpine Valley, Deer Creek, etc have been part of the agendas regularly throughout their career. If I want to go see them I have to plan a trip that could take many days and a lot of money. Quit your bitching about no fall dates since you consistently get summer dates.

  8. True 03 Allstate arena winter, but they did say on summer annoncement that no additional shows for east coast for summer or fall would leave people to think fall would be Midwest & west coast since fall 2013 was basically east coast!

      • I’ve read a few articles about Pitbull doing new years in Miami, they all say that his “show” has been at AAA in the past, but theres nothing confirming that he has it this year.. just that its in Miami… there’s also nothing on the calendar for New Years at AAA as of now. Seeing as how they announced Pitbull’s thing back in May, I find it kinda of strange that they wouldn’t have announced the venue as well…

  9. If they play Miami I don’t think it’s gonna be December 30 – Jan 3, that would be five nights. I think they will keep it at 4, playing 12/31, 1/1, 1/2, and 1/3. Or they’ll just go back to MSG 12/28-12/31.

  10. Phish is playing msg the 28th – 31st of December. Called msg box office 3 times to purchase tickets( like they were on sale already) and each time was told they won’t be available for a few more weeks!!!!!!!!

          • When tickets become available you absolutely can walk up to the window or call MSG directly and they can sell them to you. That is a fact – I got tickets in 2011 that way.

          • Henry if you call msg looking for tickets they transfer you to TM but of courseyou can go to the box office either the day they go on sale or the day of the event, but other than that they tell you to call ticketmaster. I just did this

  11. Elton John is playing NYE in Barclays Arena in Brooklyn. The man who has played more shows in MSG than anyone else could not get MSG because another band had first dibs, and they have it. Guess who?

  12. Hey…so I’m flying into the states from the middle east just for New Years Run…..but i don;t know where to fly to or when!?!? Does anyone have any idea when they will be announcing New Years dates? I’m biting my nails every day waiting to book my flights…

  13. MSG is out no phish for New Years in NYC!!!! I know it’s most likely gonna be in miami but would love to have it in the Midwest somewhere this year after being in NY the last 4 years & fall tour 2013 being out east & fall tour 2014 out west. Would love some Midwest love for New Years! But I’m gonna say either Miami or Alantic city!

  14. i really wanna book a flight from where i live ( The state of Israel) to MIA….should i wait for the official announcement? Or just book my tickets now…please people…helppppp

  15. There’s been rumors that New Years is going to be in Chicago this year! Allstate arena is wide open! Man I pray this true but who knows if it don’t happen hopefully it will happen one year in the future! They haven’t played there since winter tour 2003!

  16. Gotten much right for this site

    And I hear rumblings THERE WILL Be ahows before summer

    Possibly a winter spring tour w a few stops in Midwest and northeast

    -uic pavilion 3 shows
    – nyc venue 3 shows
    And 7-10 shows in between

    Hope this is is True


  17. After the amazing Halloween weekend in Vegas, we so need a spring tour. Terphish, I so hope this comes to light and please keep posting anything revelatory.

  18. Trey in a recent interview with the Boston Globe:

    “After Phish’s run of shows around New Year’s Eve, Anastasio reveals, he won’t play with any of his projects until Phish’s summer tour. Next year will be a “quieter” year for the band with fewer concerts, he says. “

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