Phish 2015 Rumors

Summer tour in August only.  8/2 – 8/23????

Lollapalooza? – Chicago


Deer Creek  —

Watkins Glen —  8/21-8/23  Ten at the Glen


No Fall Tour





98 thoughts on “Phish 2015 Rumors

  1. This has to be a joke phish at lollapooza that would not work out. They most likely be back at charter one for 3 night run & deer creek I here also. Alpine not so much it’s for sale.

    • there’s no way they’d whip out a good set at coachella. Full of caspians and bouncing round the rooms. i wouldn’t pay to see that shit

  2. No shows until July

    Fall tour doubtful

    Of course northerly island it’s a gold mine, but ehh for us…

    Randall’s , spac are locks

    • Just get a floor ticket, and take a rickshaw back after the show. Thought the shows, location, scene and city views were incredible!!! Jan 3rd was awesome, but I was very sad leaving without any scheduled shows on the bill. Thanks to the boys!!!

    • I heard the same rumor from someone who is involved with the stadium, they told me they didn’t know if phish has committed or not

    • my boyfriend and I have been talking about this for months. Would so love! Maybe at least Trey will come and play with someone. Like Robert Plant. That’d be sick.

      • I never thought I would be the guy who “knows a guy” but I have a very reliable source who works at Watkins Glen in business development. He only works on racing events but he has access to the calendar. He cannot let me know who has unpublished events on the calendar but he did say “Phish” is not on the calendar. There is a “hold” on the calendar Aug 15-22. Nothing can be scheduled during these days. No mention if there is an event going on or what the hold is for.

  3. Phish is going to rage hamptin for four nights to close down the historic venue in April !! Mini spring run if you will ! Then a light northway summer tour including regs like jones beach and spac ….. Festival ten is all but set at the glen in August …. Phish will be renting the entire venue again as they did last time and the venue is welcome to having us back they say …. Light west coast fall tour again ending with three nights In Vegas and four nights in miami again ….. You can read a write what Ya want this is what the band is going to do just the heads so ya can buy those hotels at the cheap rate for nye and Halloween guys

  4. Phish will not be doing any spring dates or be at hampton. Hampton has yet to confirm it is closing at all. people read articles and jump to conclusions and post a rumor that is not true on here. post something that is real like 10 @ the glen 😉

  5. No spac 7/4 as dave is playing Thar weekend

    Now DMb isn’t phish, but he is playing the tour phish phans Dream of

    Dte in mi, Maryland heights

    • I would be surprised so does that mean they are skipping charter one in Chicago? But I guess if this the last year for alpine why hell not! It is for sale.

      • Don’t know if they are skipping chicago completly. They are or were toying with a date(s) at wrigley field. Hearing it’s leaning more towards alpine valley. I’d rather go there than go back to chicago. Or at least Northerly

  6. What’s this no fall tour! It should be the Midwest year for fall tour this year we need some fall phish really bad Chicago, Ohio, St. Louis, Iowa, etc! Midwest fall tour!

  7. It’s confirmed – Phish will be at Watkins Glen in August.

    I work with someone who’s husband is a Schuyler County sheriff (the county of Watkins Glen). He felt it was pretty much a done deal a couple months ago, based on planning and discussions within his department. But today his wife told me it’s settled. She could not report which weekend. This may not be reliable enough for many reading this, but it is for me.

    Mike in Ithaca, NY

  8. Noblesville, IN July 30th
    Noblesville, IN July 31st
    East Troy, WI August 1st
    East Troy, WI August 2nd
    Cuyahoga Falls, OH August 4th
    Burgettstown, PA August 5th
    Philadelphia, PA August 7th
    Columbia, MD August 8th
    Columbia, MD August 9th
    Portsmouth, VA August 11th
    Portsmouth, VA August 12th
    Charlotte, NC August 14th
    Alpharetta, GA August 15th
    Alpharetta, GA August 16th
    Watkins Glen, NY August 21st
    Watkins Glen, NY August 22nd
    Watkins Glen, NY August 23rd
    Commerce City, CO September 4th
    Commerce City, CO September 5th
    Commerce City, CO September 6th

    • I have one question if so when would the mail order for tickets start. I really don’t see this happing the way they are talking that chicago is the last time they are taking the stage together. If it’s true a annoncement would be released soon.

  9. My best friend works for the radio in Bend, OR and got news they will be playing in Bend at Les Shcwab ampitheatre at some point this summer. Soooo west coast???

  10. I just heard deer creek is not happening & dead creek camp ground has removed phish from there site! Sorry people I think it’s back to charter one in Chicago for 3 nights. I heard there is only going to be about 20 shows this summer with 2 to 3 night stops at normal stops.

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