Phish Summer 2015

Trey Article in Rolling Stone about GD50  “The week after the Chicago shows Anastasio will be back on the road with Phish.”

2 legs?

7/30-31  Deer Creek???

7/31 Birmingham/Tuscaloosa

8/1-8/2 Alpharetta

8/8-9 Alpine

8/11-12 Philly

8/15-16 MPP

Charlotte, NC  8/14

Watkins Glen – August 21-23

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  1. July 15
    Hartford, CT
    July 17-19
    New York, NY
    July 21-22
    Philadelphia, PA
    July 25-26
    Columbia, MD
    July 28-29
    Atlanta, GA
    July 31
    Noblesville, IN
    August 1-2
    East Troy, WI
    August 4
    Kansas City, MO
    August 6-9
    Morrison, CO
    August 11
    Oklahoma City, OK
    August 12
    Dallas, TX
    August 14
    Cincinnati, OH
    August 15
    Cuyahoga Falls, OH
    August 16
    Burgettstown, PA
    August 21-23
    Watkins Glen, NY

  2. If they come to Dallas, I think I could die a happy man. Really jonesing for an announcement. Had a blast at the Zoo a while back. Would love to see them there again too.

  3. Anyone thinking that Trey the dead are gonna do more shows they are not! It’s on the website these are last shows they are doing in Chicago. Then phish tour will start one week later the dates above are pretty close but a little of on a few. Phish will be announcing summer tour soon like first week in March.

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if Trey and the Dead rehearse at The Capitol Theatre and/or Brooklyn Bowl. I doubt they’d do an official show there, but maybe a one off charity benefit. An appearance on Jimmy Fallon wouldn’t be out of the question either.

      • This would work for me! 1st & 2nd please! I’m crossing my fingers for phish alpine this summer. I’m just hoping it doesn’t land on a wedding I’ve gotta go to In August as well.

  4. what happened to two nights DC->2 night Alpine? that would make Alpine1 my 70th show….on my birthday…for my hometown show!! Burlington represent!

  5. I’ve heard that in tbe Watking Glen announcemet, Phish will announce that this will be the final festival they will be running, in a way to drum up ticket sales.

    • usually at least half of the cities/venues for summer tour are accurate, but the dates are accurate at most 25% of the time…they will change a few times between now and the announcement

  6. This summer will be one leg tour dates will be announced in the first or second week in March like the past 2 years! We will just have to wait till then.

  7. IF Charlotte on the 14th refers to Verizon ampitheater it looks likea concert is already scheduled . Where did this info come from?

  8. I saw a listing there for Florida Georgia Line. Don’t know who that is but assumed it’s a country group. Could be wrong that’s why I’m asking.

    • You are correct, it does appear that FGL is at PNC (formerly Verizon Amp.) on 8/14 per their site. Any other capable venues in Charlotte? And yes, they are what passes for country these days….

  9. Though interestingly enough a look at Florida Georgia lines tour schedule might help narrow down some rumored dates. Lots of traditional phish venues. I don’t have the desire to do it but someone should.

  10. Pemberton Music Festival in BC Canada, July 16-19. Lineup not yet released, owned by LiveNation. Les Schwab Amphitheater in Bend, OR July 21 and 22. Only West Coast dates.

  11. I wonder if phish will cover a few dead tracks now that Trey is learning them that would be nice to see a few covers in the sets!

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