Mexico 1/15-17 2016

January – Mexico – Hard Rock and The Barceló Riviera Maya

– 3 nights  January 15-17




30 thoughts on “Mexico 1/15-17 2016

  1. Panic en la Play is that first week of February, and I noticed there’s no availabilty the last week of January at the resort. Think the resort would be up for two back to back events like this? SCI also had their thing there last year, could be they’re the ones the dates are blocked for.

    • Of course they wouldn’t say anything about Phish until Phish announces… just like every other venue in the world.

      • No, I understand that. I’m wondering what led to the post, if anything other than a hunch.

        And I’ve seen venues accdientally post phish shows before they’re announced. It’s happened, and I thought that might’ve been what this was.

  2. If it were true, why can I book a room there directly for any dates other than Panic and Zac Brown. That seems to cut a whole right through this rumor. My guess is that its happening, but not at this location, and not through Cloud9, but through CID instead. That’s just my educated guess.

  3. I really hope this happens but the Zac Brown Mexico show is limited to 2,500 people. If phish did this it would be an impossible ticket if the venue is that small

  4. Busch league sike-out stuff!! Laughable, man! Ha! Bands only play this place cause it’s cheap. Free rooms. But u stay in the same hotel as the fans. You think they are gonna want to have their daughters offered acid on the elevator, or at the pool?? So not their m.o. They sell out msg. Mexico is second class. Phish is top tier. Waikiki shell in hawaii. Mark it dude.

      • MGM Grand in vegas is the 2nd largest hotel in the world. Yes, the WORLD, with almost 7,000 rooms! 7,000! I don’t think they were too concerned in that zoo. And since that country music guy has the hard rock reserved for jan 22-26, as the above link showed, it is confirmed that they can’t play there then. We are all guessing and my guess is Hawaii!

    • I really hope that if they are going to play a tropical show, that it’s in Hawaii for numerous reasons. The idea of a three night run at the Shell sounds phabulous.

    • FYI the bands stay in a VIP area of the Hard Rock that is not open to attendees. They have private beach access, bars, Etc. At least that was the case for MMJ one big holiday

      • Ya, I guess the band can have their own sober party with 11 children at their own beach then. I live in hawaii and am just bummed that hawaii keeps getting missed by ‘American’s jam band.’ For the amount it would cost me to go to mexico, I could build another house here. I do see why they can’t strike a deal with the waikiki shell, cause the politicians are so corrupt that they would never let them scream out their shit music (to them) along waikiki beach for 3 straight nights. Councilmen live within miles of the venue and would not put up with that. Too bad. Have fun to everybody who goes!

  5. You can book rooms at the Barcelo resort over those dates you posted. Is the Phish at some tropical resort idea something that we’re all just dreaming of?

  6. If they play Barcelo, many folks will be priced out of the game and it’s a groovy place, right across the street from the least expensive ecoparque en the Yucatan. Barcelo without the P-fish rocks, I cannot imagine my favorite band there at the same time. And, they’ve got plenty of rooms.

  7. You can book rooms at every Barcelo resort in the Mayan Rivera during those dates and these places usually blackout dates when they do these things. BUT, there is no availability at the Hard Rock Vallarta February 1-3 and I can’t find any other events being advertised for those days (but would they do Monday-Wednesday?). Could it be that the rumored dates are incorrect?

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