Winter 2016

Charlottesville VA – 1/28-29????

????Hampton VA –  1/29-3???? (Highly Unlikely)

Cinnci 2/2-3?????????????????????? 

Tab Tour February

Mike Gordon Tour –

VEGAS????  —

160 thoughts on “Winter 2016

  1. After seeing the Mexican rumor go up, and actually get the green light, Winter 2016 looks like a hopeful and…. God willing, likely rumor.

    Thanks for the info.

  2. No love for the Northeast?! We got nothing this year. We were hoping for at least a 2 night run in Mass… Connecticut even… C’mon guys! Get out here!

      • You’re fucking retarted. Watkins glen is 7 hours from most of New England and well it was great, we still haven’t had a show here in New England since 7/1/14. You go fly a kite, you fucking mindless buffoon.

      • Watkins ain’t New England it’s about 7 hours from Boston bro and it was a fest not a show. Gimme a break. Look at how the dead treated their homeland. Always took care of no cal. Up till the end with that little Santa Clara warm up. Phish have played one show in New England in almost two years! This has been like a third hiatus basically.

          • Well I live in mass and have been to more 3.0 shows that that pal. I don’t count. Can’t keep track all gets to be a blur. I wouldn’t be age about 50 something shows on this site you got people that have seen the band since 83′ on here. Anyway what does how many shows you’ve been to have to do with the fact that there have been no regular concerts in New York , jersey, or all of new england a since summer 2014 and for New England it’s been just one shows since fall 2013!

    • Totally agree we need Albany, worcestor or Boston it would be real nice to see boston? I mean it’s been since 2003! Anyway maybe a NH show again? Manchester anyone. Portland maine then down to provident and good old Hartford. Classic New England run. Albany to Hartford and all in between.

      • Boston since 03…how about Fenway 09 … How about the numerous shows they’ve played at Worcester , they’ve played at Amherst … I’m not even from New England and I know this. Shut up Scott

        • Totally forgot Fenway sorry your right about that. But I was saying boston bro. Not worcestor and not mansfield it would just be nice as a life long Bostonian to get a booth show again. What’s so wrong with that. And Fenway was such and anomoly of a show. We are talkin winter or fall yours hear and inside venues first off second I loved my time at Fenway but the sound was puke.

        • What are you so angry about my god. Relax kid. Little lesson apparently your not aware your referring to Amherst shows from six years ago, I was there ass. Fenway I was there ass. The three measly mansfield shows since hiatus been there. Band has played one show I’m New England since fall 2013. Why do I need to shut up? What is so insulting to you about someone saying they would like to see the band they love? Your a gross person who espouses None of what this band is all about.

        • And if I have to be specific about whAt im referring to to keep vultures off my back-all I was saying is it would be nice to get a boston proper show at the Boston garden again which hasn’t happened since 2003. I mean what’s diff about that statement from an someone saying UIC or Chicago for nye. I mean there have been more shows there than boston lately. And I’m happy for them to he honest. But not that I’m saying these are far by any means but Amherst and Mansfield and worcestor are not boston proper. I was just ruminating on my wish to see my favorite band at my home venue so to speak.

  3. Last 3-night run at Hampton Coliseum there was a ticket tree and tix all over the ground. Selfishly I would love to see:

    1/26 – 1/27 Philly
    1/29 Charlottesville
    1/30 – 1/31 Hampton

  4. Word is the Cincy shows will be in Fifth Third Bank Arena on those dates, where the college basketball team plays, not in US Bank arena where the hockey team plays

  5. So now it’s a 3 night run for Hampton??? Love the rumor mill but you never know till the band puts up their dates. Still hopeful.

  6. A may be wrong but don’t the Predators play in Nashville not Cincy? more dates were up not true or speculation ? erie Pa? chi-Raq ?

      • ??? NYE Run at MSG 12/30-1/2. Thats good enough for the cheaters.

        Page and Fishman are both originally from Philly. Trey grew up in Princeton, a Flyers fan.

        You’ll get yours. Don’t worry. I just dont get the scoop from up there (DCU Center I’d guess).

        • Because Philly sells out immediately every time. I am from Philly and really think that Phish uses the area as the center of their circle for tours. Merriweather is just 2 hours south so really Philly always gets 4 shows. Then Watkins was only 4 hours away

          • I def have my facts straight. Here, I’ll school you a little. Fishman and Page were both born in Philly, Trey was born in TX but grew up in Princeton. Fishman was adopted by a family from upstate NY.

            Where youre from and where youre born are 2 different things. I should have used more specific wording, techically we were both right.

        • I hope you get your wish and me mine. I went to Mann this summer and loved it. Been to spectrum. Electic factory ( obviously never be ther just taking about Venues I been to) I was just saying they seem like maybe they are gonna try to hit places they didn’t this summer? I don’t know who know at this point what’s the thinking behind it. Agreed that Philly is a convenient launching point but there is nothing easier that a classic upstate New York and New England regional run. You can pretty much go from Syracuse to Utica or glens falls even to Albany to worcestor or Boston, to maybe another long awaited nh show or Portland maine then down to providence and then Hartford and onto maybe Nassau , Philly , DC , Hampton, whatever really . With every show being no more than like four hours from the last or the next pretty much.

  7. 5/3 Arena holds a little over 13k for hoops, but has a weird set up. They do have alcohol license despite being physically on UC campus. Arena is getting ready to go through major overhaul, could be a sign of things to come after renovation. I’d love to see a show there, I just can’t rationalize a show being booked there.

  8. Msg is Locked in.. Assume announcement will be any day now! 3 or 4 nights was only thing still being determined as far as I know!

  9. To Scott I was at the grateful dead shows in Chicago more then 75% of the crowd was from out of town & what side projects are u talking about?

    • Who cares where the crowd was from ? What’s it got to do with anything. And the sideshows I was talking about was the countless too many to mention other jambands who came to chitown to play off the amount of jamband fans all there at once. I believe umphreys for one had stuff going on. But mainly I’m referring to the many pre/post shows put on like steve kimocks garcia tribute which had melo seals, jackie Greene and bobby vega as well as his pre show brunch duo with jerry Joseph. But there was just tons of stuff going on all around the town that was indirectly related to the actual fare thee well shows. Anyway dude I was being tongue and cheek. I love Chicago. Would love to see everyone get their wishes. I just didn’t see nye in Chicago as very realistic. And that’s unfortunate just like they will prob never do nye again at the Boston garden. Also to the guy talking about Philly cuz they sell out quik, phish sells out quik most places. Much depends on day of week and where but out of all the major cities on eastern seaboard I don’t think Philly had anything special on anyone else. I remember the 20th anniversary run for example. Philly didn’t sell out any more or quicker than Nassau, Albany, or Boston…just saying. I love Philly too tho. Had fun there this summer. Peace

  10. Scott, sounds like you hate to travel to see your favorite band like a true fan. Stop with the constant New England crap, just one reply is all needed, not 4 rants. They will be back in NE when they feel like it. Maybe they enjoy shows elsewhere in the wonderful country of ours.

    New England resident

    • Actually love to travel bro. Stop telling other people what to do on a msg board. And there are two Scott’s on here unfortunetely I seem to be being held responsible for some posts i did not make. Such as the msg part of the thread. Anyway I just traveled all up and down the eastern seaboard this summer to see my fav band. No need for the sarcasm dude. And yes after traveling elsewhere almost exclusively for the past two and half years I would like to catch my favorite band near home. What is wrong with me saying that? And yet when someone keeps posting “west coast west coast” a million times or the people who keep responding to every thread segment with “Midwest dates please!,” you have nothing to say to them but single me out. And then sign it as a New England fan? What is so insulting that I said? On the one hand you question my passion for the band by implying I don’t want to travel(while knowing nothing about me and basing this off several paragraphs where I’ve stated facts about how long it’s been since the band played here and how id like to see them) then you basically chastise me for an apparent passion because I posted four times to diff comments by other people.

      Signed ,
      *uck off

        • I’m just not sure what I did to anger anyone here? You have other people begging for shows in their areas that’s all I did. Then got trolled and stuck up for myself? Tell me what I should have said? I hate the band and do to want them to come to where I live. I really just would love you to tell me where the hatred is coming from. I quite innocently just would love a tour I can access better. I guess I’m just as ass for that. Despite the hate I’ve recieved il end this the way I do all posts. Peace and may phish come to your town soon I hope and maybe he rid of your anger?

        • I’m just not sure what I did to anger anyone here? You have other people begging for shows in their areas that’s all I did. Then got trolled and stuck up for myself? Tell me what I should have said? I hate the band and do to want them to come to where I live. I really just would love you to tell me where the hatred is coming from. I quite innocently just would love a tour I can access better. I guess I’m just as ass for that. Despite the hate I’ve recieved il end this the way I do all posts. Peace and may phish come to your town soon I hope and maybe he rid of your anger?

  11. New Years at MSG the 30th – 2nd 4 day run its for sure thing announcement will be very soon it’s a sealed deal make your plans now folks

  12. Well they are just doing things smart announce Mexico sold out then New Years hopefully there’s a winter next then everyone will be happy but back to msg again I can’t afford to go to New York & Mexico that’s only a dream for me come on winter tour with some Midwest dates please!

      • Yea phish on the super bowl 2/7 not sure but I’ve heard these dates being rumored and so far all the rumors have true so we will just have to wait & see!

        • I’ve heard these dates to but 5 days in row philly thru Hampton super bowl Sunday in Chicago & Fat Tuesday in the N.O stops could be right days might be wrong.

          • They would be stupid to play New Orleans on Mardi Gras day. The entire city is gridlocked and nobody traveling in from the outskirts would be able to get to the arena much less find a parking space.

          • Agreed plus on Mardi Gras day the partying starts at like 7am with the first parades rolling at 8- unless the show is at like 1:30 no one will be sober enough to make it there. It’d be much better to play Friday/Saturday/Sunday…

    • We’re all buzzing down here in South FL for the jan 20&21 shows. Heard 3rd hand it’s a go, just still shaking out to see if it’s before or after Mexico. Either way, Keepin fingers crossed for an announcement soon!

    • I remember Scott talking about phish deciding to do a fall tour when it said no fall tour on the phish site your a piece of work Scott maybe you should go on Justin Beiber fall tour I think they are playing Boston hahaha then you won’t have to travel to far!

      • What are you talking about you dumb motherfucker. I never said there would be a fall tour actually ya fucking prick I specifically said it looks like there won’t be one. You and I argued about the fucking FACT THAT LAST YEAR AT THE BOTTOM OF THE SUMMER TOUR ANNOUNCEMENT THEY SAID: ” AND THERE WILL BE NO FALL DATES..” Just like they did this year. Except as we all know they ended up touring last year. The band has said they weren’t gonna tour and then decided to your throughout their history. But I repeat I never said they WOULD tour this fall. Your a really shitty person dude. Go fuck yourself. Take your message board tough guy act and fuck yourself. Any show anytime. Meet you in the lot . We’ll see what’s up.

        • And I’m not the person you people are even referring to other than ken. Ken and I def are talking to the right people but the rest of you There is another scott in this board and that is the person who you’ve been bickering with. Stop attacking me

        • Scott honey come home the street lights are on you won’t have to worry about anybody beating your ass in other towns because your not allowed to leave Boston to see phish!

      • Dude they did say no go fall tour in summer of 2014 and then tour out west. You don’t know what your talking about. Not sure I agree with all the language this guy said back to you but your wrobg to begin with.

      • Oh btw that Justin comment sooooo fucking funny dude. Really your a riot. You should write for Conan. It’s funny I’d personally never think to say something like that to someone probably cuz I couldn’t even tell you what Justin Bieber even sounds like cuz I’ve never listened and don’t even know a song name. I’d lose even if a million bucks were on the line and all I had to do was name one song. But you seem to have Bieber on your mind an awful lot. Maybe it’s you who likes Justin and not Scott? Me thinks it’s a bit phishy

  13. So everywhere around Hampton Coliseum is sold out for 1/29-1/31 this one is definitely happening! If it were anything else locking that city down for a weekend we would know about it by now

  14. IM NOT SURE OF EXACT DATE, BUT PHISH WILL BE PLAYING AT THIS NEW BUILDING IN VEGAS THIS SPRING/SUMMER – PROB LATE MAY/MID JUNE TO WELCOME IN THE NEW BUILDING. They have a long standing relationship with the MGM guys, and with GEORGE STRAIT SELLING OUT 6 SHOWS IN SECONDS for the first event announcement.. Phish will be following suit. Again not sure of exact date but am 99.5% positive they will be here for 2-3 night late spring/early summer!

  15. Looks like these winter tour dates ain’t happening anybody got any new info? tab can tour in February if they want and phish can play Vegas in the sping or summer I just want to here about a winter tour if it’s gonna happen!

  16. It’s been weeks now does anyone know anything happening about a winter tour we all couldn’t go to Mexico & New Years run is sold out can we just please get some winter dates this summer stuff is not a enough we need more shows they either need to start doing summer & fall every year or some winter shows every year they are the best live band please phish play more shows!!!

  17. This site is the biggest joke. It’s funny how so much time and energy goes into trying to predict the next tour or next show for one of the most unpredictable bands ever. You’re wasting your life.

  18. You know I haven’t mentioned it here cuz I don’t ask for pity usually. But I gotta say as a handicapped person with severe spinal stenosis who can’t drive like a road warrior the way I used to in my youth I am awfully embarrassed at the way this community has treated me just because I said I’d like to have some shows near my home base. I’ve been ridiculed, mistaken for another person who’s comments I’m being held responsible for and I’ve been called names, sworn at, and told I’m not a real plan even though phish is my fav band and music my fav thing in life and I mostly have experienced a tremendous amount of kindness and compassion during the 25 years I’ve been phishing. I Came on this site looking to just connect and talk RUMORS. Remember this is a RUMOR site. So it’s quite ironic when people are lambasted for being incorrect. But more importantly anybody who has trolled me for saying I’d like some home shows while all over this board you have people doing the same thing-honestly the majority or your people here make me sick. Most of you are such frauds it’s ridiculous and this site is a complete waste of time just like the last poster pointed out. But anyone that troll someone for saying they would love to see their fav band at home is an idiot. On top of it I actually love to travel but my health has taken that away from me. So why don’t you just make fun of me some more. Hope that makes you feel warm and cuddly and super kind while you munch your granola and drink microbrews and smoke organic pot while eating tour vegab burrito and talking about how “kind” you are. In 25 years of going to shows all across this country not to mention in Europe I have never encountered people like there are on this board. Something tells me most of you aren’t the “real” phish community cuz there can’t be such a gigantic disconnect between the hundreds of phriends I’ve made at shows and me and my old crew and everyone else I know that phishes regularly. The trollers here are either tremendously pretentious and self righteous, bro intellectual asshole jaded vets or your young pricks who don’t kno a lick about life or what this band is supposed to be about l. Either way I’m done. I’m sure you’ll just sarcastically say good riddence but just remember I’m not the one who ostracized a handicap person for not being able to travel freely anymore even tho I still do actually travel more than I should (and pay a big price for it). Either way it should not even matter that I’m handicapped. There is no reason for anyone to treat anyone else here like that. You are some very angry people out there. Maybe metalcore or some other type of music would allow you to take out your rage so you don’t have to troll handicapped people online. Because usually listening to phish makes me happy. Apparently it doesn’t have that affect on some of you. And to everyone here who is nice and didn’t troll me I’m sorry for the generailzions and this message is only directed at those out there who have behaved in this disgusting manner. You know who you are. Peace out all. I won’t be back. Not just cuz of the rudeness but mostly cuz there really is nothing of import of value here. This site is broke as shit. By the time there is a rumor listed here that has any truth it’s typically already been verified or mentioned elsewhere…kinda redundant and pointless. Anyway so long Pholks. And screw the pretenders. Hopefully we get a late winter tour announcement and I genuinely hope everyone gets their wishes as far as that’s concerned.

  19. This site is most time right on tour dates or at least that the tour is happening city’s & dates are off a little bit. But this winter tour rumor ain’t happening sorry folks but this tour is bunk!

    • True that it sucks they need to tour more they should do summer & fall every year summer just ain’t cutting it anymore & a winter tour we could only dream of that!

  20. No winter tour again! Why I don’t understand if phish is just going to do summer tours & New Years runs & this crazy Mexico run that was very limited on tickets why even tour anymore it’s joke they are clearly one best live acts out there they need to play more shows

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