Phish Summer 2016 PT Rumored Dates

(6/24-25 Chicago, probably Wrigley, but we’ll see)
(6/26 Deer Creek)
(6/28-29 Forest Hills Stadium, or one night CitiField)
7/1-3 SPAC
7/5 Toronto (or Darien or maybe even Blossom) (or New England)
7/6 Blossom (or New England or OFF) (could also be Blossom but looking grim)
7/8 Mansfield (or Chicago)
7/9 Hartford (or Chicago)
7/10 Lakeview
(7/12-13 likely off, but The Mann, Star Lake, still on the table)
7/15-16 The Gorge
7/18-20 West Coast
7/22 The Forum
7/26-27 Portsmouth
7/29(-30) Nashville (or Oak Mountain 7/30)
7/30-31 Lakewood

9/2-4 Dicks

19 thoughts on “Phish Summer 2016 PT Rumored Dates

  1. play a few shows in the midwest >> then spend a little less than two weeks on the east coast >> then a week on the west coast >> then another week on the east coast >> Dicks a month later = headache travel schedule

  2. I think this is a bit off they will probably start out east in July you can scratch wrigley & deer creek off the list but will stop in Chicago for 2 days at charter one pavilion. Hope I’m wrong about wrigley field!

  3. The last weekend in July and the 1st weekend in August are already spoken for at the Gorge this summer. July 15-16 or 22-23 seem like a good bet.

  4. It will be Northerly again for Chicago. They were renovating it last year so Phish was forced out to alpine. But that venue (expanded lawn that is) was essentially built at their behest a few years.

    Wringley already has 4 concerts booked.

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