Phish Summer 2016 Rumors Set I

Summer Part I

5/27-29 Vegas

5/31-6/1 – LA/So Cal

6/3-5 Texas?

6/7-8 – Tuscaloosa/Pelham

6/11-12 – MPP

6/14-15 – Charlotte/Raleigh/Portsmouth??

6/17-19 – Atlanta/Alpharetta

6/24-25 – Wrigley Field

6/28-29 – Burggetstown/Darien/Toronto

7/1-3 – SPAC

7/5-6 – Hartford/Mansfield

7/8-10  – Atlantic city?

Part II

Gorge? Tahoe?  Bill Graham?


Labor Day Weekend Dicks



47 thoughts on “Phish Summer 2016 Rumors Set I

  1. No Dicks? wtf. Wanted to be the first to say that.

    Heard a rumor of Phish in AC to open the new playground on the beach. Maybe so and maybe not. Would be sweet if they did!!

  2. So what’s up with what Trey said in Mexico that this would be there last show for awhile because they are heading in to the studio does this mean a late summer tour or no summer tour?

  3. Last year lottery closed the end of March, and public onsale opened April 2, 2015–and that was for a late summer tour, so they gotta release dates soon! (I’m dying over here, haha!)

    Closest city to philly on that list is AC? Hmm. The Mann raged last year! All good though–I just wanna know!

  4. Touchpants (fishmans side project comedy band) is playing bonorroo… Late summer tour (if at all) these rumors are what they are, just rumors.

  5. You could see Trey was nervous telling everyone in Mexico about taking time off from touring. It’s been a busy year for him leaning all them songs for the dead with 5 shows new TAB album & tour phish summer tour New Years & Mexico now back to writing new stuff for phish. Maybe a late summer run if not look forward to long fall tour

  6. Mexico was a great idea and looked like fun, but was seriously out of reach for many fans. Do you think they would do a run like that and then not follow it up with shows that people can actually go to? Seems un-Phish-like.

    Unimpressed with the regular festival lineups for 2016, would be a great summer for Phish shows!!

    • I’ve never understood this. Things cost money and certain things are prohibitive to a certain population – they can’t just play shows that every single person is able to afford. un-Phish like? They’ve played a whole slew of dates across the country for the past 6 years. It isnt their job to only hold shows where every person can afford every show. They play 30+ dates a year – pick the ones that you can go to and afford. You aren’t entitled to be able to hit them all. Other bands play South America and Europe and Phish holds three shows in Mexico and all of the sudden they are inconsiderate

  7. Dicks is 8 months away and I heard from same source I always do that it will in fact be this Labor Day week and they renewed another 3 year contract

  8. almost 2,000% sure they will be opening in vegas as well as SPAC on fourth of july weekend however I’m almost just as sure that this tour will be just one leg not two…

    • it makes no sense that phish would only play one show there, considering that they played 3 on northerly island just 2 years ago…plus this doesnt follow the t-w-f-s-s formula that phish has been using on their tour for years

  9. Well, I for one have made reservations on a VRBO in Telluride for a certain weekend in August.

    Dicks? Were you all not there this year? Sadly there won’t be a Dick’s visit this year.

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