48 thoughts on “Phish New Years 2016 Rumors

  1. Whoa – any further insight into this rumor? Kind of odd that this would surface on the day that the fall tour is announced. Seems more like wishful thinking. But I’d love it to be true, so I’m with ya!

  2. why TF would they play 1/1?
    Can’t we at least get through one day after fall tour announcement before we start throwing crap against the wall?

  3. I love MSG, but I prefer AAA as its 40 mins from where I am at Xmas. Typically when the disco biscuits are booked outside of NYC, Phish does Miami as they have the same booking agent — haven’t heard anything that confirms Miami, but just throwing that out there as DB are in ATL. I’d gladly chill in the sun for back to back runs.

  4. Talked to a couple of the guys backstage at Dick’s this past weekend. I can assure you the NYE run is happening, it’s happening at MSG, and it’s happening 12/28 – 12/31.

  5. I heard from a super realiable source that Phis hbooked the Mandarin Hotel in NYC for rive days in late December. Guys never been wrong.

      • I don’t know…this guy seems pretty confident. Another guy chimed in and said he heard the same thing. This guy knew about the MN and Wrigley shows in January so there may be some merit. We shall see.

        • To clarify, this guys seems confident that there will be a 13-show msg stand in late summer/early fall? I really hope you’re not trolling me, because I will go to all 13 of those shows.

  6. Are you going to post the 13 night MSG run rumor?

    Phish needs 17 more shows there to tie the Grateful Dead’s record of 52 concerts there, most for a band (not the Billy Joel most concerts period record).

  7. Why won’t the phish.com website process ticket requests for MSG? Doesn’t matter how many tickets I put in, 1 or 4, it says something like “your request could not be processed to give everyone an equal opportunity” Whats up?

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