Phish/Tab 2017 Rumors

Trey Anastasio Band and Widespread Panic – Sweetwater 420 Fest  Atlanta, GA 4/21-23

Trey and Mike High Sierra Fest 6/29-7/2

Trey Delfest

Trey Jazzfest 4/28

MSG residency various weekends summer 2017

July/August MSG run????

7/14-16 Northerly Island
MSG run
9/1-3 Dicks

Dicks – Labor Day Weekend 2017

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  1. Yes please! I asked Trey back in ’99 to please play Prague again so I can show my family what I’ve been doing all these years following this band around. I’d say Prague, Bratislava and Pula, Croatia – there’s a venue on the beach in Pula where they have outlook music festival. Portugal? Spain? … Anywhere really-I’m signing up for the entire tour

  2. well some of these places look awesome, hope it goes down if Bibbs is right, he’s been on it before but we’ll see, didnt mention Oslo/Stockholm

    05/11/17 London, United Kingdom. The Forum
    05/12/17 Amsterdam, Netherlands. Vondelpark Open Air Theatre
    05/14/17 Paris, France. Elysee Montmartre
    05/16/17 Barcelona, Spain. Sant Jordi Club
    05/18/17 Zurich, Switzerland. Maag Halle
    05/19/17 Prague, Czech Republic. Lucerna

  3. I nearly cried at the idea of Europe tour being floated.

    28 year old Scottish dude here and this band changed my life in more ways than you could imagine, I was a lost suicidal gambling addict in 2009 when i was introduced to the jam band community and Phish. This band instilled a sense of hope and pleasure in life that nothing can seem to match. I should have the pleasure in talking to Mike and Catskill Chill in a few weeks. A Glasgow show or something close would just be Yes. YES YES YES.

    Music has no borders

  4. 05/11/17 London, United Kingdom. The Forum
    05/12/17 Amsterdam, Netherlands. Vondelpark Open Air Theatre
    05/14/17 Paris, France. Elysee Montmartre
    05/16/17 Barcelona, Spain. Sant Jordi Club
    05/18/17 Zurich, Switzerland. Maag Halle
    05/19/17 Prague, Czech Republic. Lucerna

    • Sorry, no. These venues are totally unfeasible. Maag Halle? And the Amsterdam venue is not hosting anytime in May, I’ve been there.

    • I live in amsterdam, would be VERY surprised if phish played that super tiny stage. also, I have heard the open air theater rumor before in previous years. Still holding out for hope.

  5. It’d be nice if they’d leave at least a day between all shows so people can tour with them and see Europe. That’d be the best vacation of my life.

  6. Europe is going to happen! The same company that manages this stuff for Phish does Dave. He announced tour today that is eerily similar to the rumors… So i would think phish will be doing the exact same tour – just later in the spring.

    this was dave – 15 shows in 21 days – london 2x, ireland, 2x netherlands, germany, denmark, germany, austria, czech republic, 3 in italy, 2 in portugal…

    so save your euros

    • You’re forgetting that Trey JUST said they want to do less travelling. Does that sound like less travelling? No. It sounds like more than they’ve done at any point in 3.0. The MSG-residency is MUCH more likely between the 2 heavy rumors right now, considering a) the less travelling, and b) the fact that Trey said, and I don’t remember the exact words “you’re going to be seeing some new stuff from us touring-wise”. They’ve done Europe before (not new) but they’ve never done a residency (new).

      • It’s less traveling if that’s all they do next year (outside of Mexico and an NYE run).

        Another thing that leads credence to the residency run is an old interview with Page (which I couldn’t find online) where he mentioned that, prior to the break-up, the band had several different things they wanted to do tour-wise but were shut down by management, and one of them was a 13 show run at Dunkin’ Donuts Center (where they’d hand out donuts to everyone as well).

      • Yeah, but they have been to Europe since 98. So its almost going on 20 years. And Trey said they would be slowing down in a year or 2. So, hopefully they go big this year, NEW YEARS RUN, Mexico (which they should end), then EUROPE.

        Do a 13 night stint Next fall (No traveling)

        Thats my hope

        • When did Trey say they’d be slowing down in a year or two? I’m asking just cuz haven’t heard this would like to read it myself not cuz I’m doubting you

      • From the article:

        Trey expanded on that thought, “Our kids are at a certain age and there are things that we all want to do, so I think you’ll see us slow down a little in the next year or two. We are definitely not stopping – just shifting our focus. There might be some really creative changes in the touring schedule, which will be super cool and might not involve the same kind of travel. I think it’s going to be an interesting year.”

        So, I think, yes this speaks to a residency at MSG, but yet I don’t think it disproves Europe at all! Both are possible…anything is with these dudes

      • Dionysian hasn’t existed for years. Phish has been managed by DMB’s Red Light Management since they returned in 2009.

    • this is funny. Trey plays with Dead and Co “because Fishman…” i guess Dead and Co has no say in the matter? just because Fish is on the shelf means Dead and Co automatically invites Trey in?

    • Treys playing with dead and co in the summer,JM doing solo stuff, Fishman rotator cuff surgery Dicks Labor Day weekend followed by 13 MSG run!

      • Kmize: Trey’s not playing w/Dead and Co. On the Dead & Co site, the summer 2017 tour dates are up (, and the tour’s later dates conflict w/Trey’s — i.e. Trey’s at Red Rocks on 5/31, while D&C are at Hollywood Bowl on that date, 6/3 has Trey in Montana & D&C at Shoreline.

        Crossing my fingers for summer ’17 tour after Trey gets done. Winter ’17 would be nice but seems increasingly unlikely…

      • Kmize why just make stuff up and say it like you’re sure. That’s why the info on this site is garbage. There is a 13 show run happening, but it’s late July into early August. I have the exact dates. First is 7/20, last is 8/6.




  8. I can’t believe people thought phish was gonna play 13 shows at Msg this summer! As Mr. Hand from fast times at ridgemont high would say “what are you people on dope”

  9. The postponement of the run at MSG is strictly due to the injury from what i hear from some people who work at msg. What’s hard to believe..

    does MSG love residencies – yes
    does MSG love $$$ – yes
    does Phish love to play an Uber ride from most of their residences – yes
    does Phish love $$$ – yes

    Dont even think its dead yet…

    Almost every dead show at MSG occurred in late Sep/early Oct… this would make complete sense in 2017 – no summer tour – Dick-s MSG run….

    • Not sure what injury you are referring to. But with the Knicks/Rangers playing in October I don’t see a Phish residency happening that late in the year

  10. fishman might need to recover for more than a few months though if he’s having this surgery soon… he may need at least a year of recovery and physical therapy before he can play drums again

  11. Any thoughts on phish members playing w Phil for his march run? Phils doing a run w the other lineup from Lockn early next year(Robinson/casal)??? There were some challenges in that set(page/fishman) would love to see it revisited…

  12. Well New Years is over & I gotta say that was some weak stuff I hope Mexico is better this band is going no where nowadays hopefully they will be getting back to old ways come summer & ditch the big boat songs

  13. So your telling me since they came back in 2009 to 2016 is great stuff no way 94 to 2000 & 2003 is phish at its best this new material is horrible sorry it’s boring maybe it has to do with the band being sober nowadays if these kids seen phish back then they would shit there pants.!.!

    • The band is evolving. That is why they are still around. Still taking chances They all looked and felt like they are having fun. That is all that matters. You think they care what people say on these sites ? If the band is not having fun they will simple stop playing. Then none of these jaded vets will have anything to complain about and will finally be happy. By the way MSG was rockin and the show on the 30th was unreal.

  14. Their album came out not too long ago you have to give them time to work in the new songs and get used to them. Phish is unpredictable.

  15. Billy Joel has announced a summer North American tour this summer so there will be at least two months without his residency at msg. This seems to be lining up

    • That over-rated, “run-of-the-mill” piano player only does single shows once every month or so. Not really a “residency”. Plenty of opportunities for anyone to set up during his 4+ week hiatuses.

  16. So what’s this new thing I hear about Shoreline some time after Dick’s? could they possibly be playing the Bridge School benefit?

    • F. MSG then. I will MAYBE win a ticket out of 8 requests. I am barely able to get tix on sale date. Even trying that very second, with the help of a couple peeps. Stub hub already set the bar for floors nearing a thousand. Phish please stop allowing tickets to be sold this way if kid rock can do it surely u can too. I am growing a shameful hatred due to this… from a band I love

  17. Expect the rest of the summer tour to be announced later than usual. They will need the demand for the MSG shows to be high, in order to fill the garden to the max for 13 shows. There are a ton of fans who might not travel to NYC if they find out they can see multiple shows int heir background most of California, midwest fans with Alpine, Chicago and Deercreek.

    • Agree and have been saying that a while now. I heard it costs upwards of $1 million a night to rent MSG. That said, a sellout roughly grosses $500,000 a night. After seeing the new years’ run on StubHub the day of for face or below and the fact that our entire community can’t possibly set up in NYC for 17 days, I’m not too worried about getting shutout on some of my lottery. Hopefully Watkins Glen comes to fruition.

  18. So the west is getting a few shows this summer? Wtf the Midwest gets screwed again was thinking we were gonna get fall this year the Midwest hasn’t got fall shows since 09 come on phish!

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