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    • They’re working on it, but haven’t decided which venues is what I’ve heard. It’s up in the air between 6 at BGCA, 6 at the Forum, or 3 in SF, 1 in LA and 1 in Chula Vista.

      Northerly is a lock. Alpine wouldn’t let them play a 3 night run, and they don’t want to do a Saturday/Sunday city change.

    • Nope just dicks 9/1 -9/3, I heard there just gonna do these random runs in city’s for now no more tours from state to state. Like this year the bakers dozen at MSG northley 3 day run & dicks run that’s it for 2017 summer.

  1. Any clue when tickets sales will be announced for Northerly? I get the vibe they are delaying this to make sure MSG tickets get sold first.

      • The lawn is horrible if it has been raining, true. But the City skyline view, the lake behind you, its not as bad as the hill at Alpine Valley. Who cares about the lawn, you get three nights of Phish in downtown Chicago. Lets just hope this unfunny clowns from Second City don’t show up again.

          • The issue with the lawn at Northerly is that unless you are in the first couple of rows, it is physically impossible to see the band. Thus, you are just spending $75 a night to couch tour in the grass and spending $10 a beer. No thanks.

        • No way. Northerly is fun, but expensive, and like others said, a shit view from the lawn. At least everyone can see form the hill at Alpine. Plus Alpine is legend.

          • Alpine is legend, but it is closed this entire summer because not a single band wanted to perform there. Chicago has stolen all the thunder, with Northerly, Wrigley, Soldier Field, Tinley Park, etc.

  2. I’m still hearing about another Watkins festival but in June this year. My sourcey McSourcey Source says that The Phish are trying to lock down a $300k deal for June.

  3. If they have other dates planed other then this stupid bakers dozen run at msg they better release the dates soon people gotta make summer plans for tour! The bakers dozen run is not gonna sell out so let’s go phish release the other dates!

  4. I’ve read multiple rumors of Phish discussing a Moon Show with Jeff Bezos, limited ticket sale announcement coming soon.

    • Close, but it’s a Mercury Show with Buzz Aldrin and the Moonboots. My cousin’s boyfriend is their booking agent

  5. This thread is funny. Pretty sure almost everyone and their sources are wrong.

    We’re getting Dick’s and that’s it, if we’re lucky.

    No Fall Tour. No NYE. No Mexico 2018. That’s what I’ve heard. I got a no comment on Dick’s.

  6. Agreed; any fans other than fans from New York are completely left hanging; c’mon guys at least be straight up if there won’t be any other shows just announce that so people can decide if their only choice to see you perform live is in the most expensive part of the country to visit!

    I would think even if I lived in NY that I’d rather have a 5 night run in the spring, a 4 night run in the summer, and a 4 night run in the fall rather than 13 shows in a few weeks.

  7. Midwest and Ohio has not gotten much love in a while. I keep hearing dicks and northerly but it wouldn’t surprise me if it’s only NYC

    • Midwest gets all the love, Alpine, Wrigley, Northely, Deer Creek. Ohio is too far west for us people in Chicago area, we don’t like to drive that far.

      • Also heard no Mexico for 2018 from my source whose never been wrong. He doesn’t tell me everything but he did clearly state this to me.

        How about some new Europe rumors? I’m thinking/considering/dreaming of moving there for a couple years (Northern Europe) and working remotely (keeping my job) and acquiring a free masters degree.

  8. I only go to the shows to crawl on the ground and collect glow sticks. Screw the lights and music, I’m in for the free glowsticks.

  9. I am told by my source who is always spot on, that we will get word in the next few days about any other dates besides the Bullshit Dozen.

  10. 4 days at Dicks? Could it be true? Seems logistically sound and a financial windfall, why wouldn’t they with such few 2017 Summer Tour dates and the official “No Fall Tour Dates” statement. I hope this isn’t a typo and/or that this rumor comes to fruition.

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