Phish Summer 2019 Rumors

2 Leg Summer tour

6/11-12 St Louis

Bonnaroo – Manchester TN — Confirmed(

Spac – 6/21-23 or 7/2-4?

Fenway Park, Boston Mass  7/5-7????

Alpine Valley 7/12-14

MSG 7/17-20

Dicks 8/30-9/1

51 thoughts on “Phish Summer 2019 Rumors

  1. 6/26 – NH (?)
    6/27 – NH (?)
    6/29 – MPP/(Fenway?)
    6/30 – MPP/(Fenway?)
    7/2 – Mann
    7/3 – Mann
    7/5 – SPAC
    7/6 – SPAC
    7/7 – SPAC
    7/9 – NC (?)
    7/10 – NC (?)
    7/12 – Alpine
    7/13 – Alpine
    7/14 – Alpine

    8/9 – Bend (?)
    8/10 – Bend (?)
    8/12 – BGCA
    8/13 – BGCA
    8/14 – BGCA
    8/17 – LA Forum
    8/18 – LA Forum

    8/23-25 – Lockn (2 shows)

    8/30 – 9/1 – Dicks

    • I seriously hope not. It’s becoming a very predictable tour every other year. Switch it up, go to some different venues…add in a historic phish venue such at Dayton Nutter Center was a few years back. I’m just not a fan of the cookie cutter live nation schedule they’ve had them on. Would much rather a BD2 at MSG or Forum vs these rumored dates

    • It seems illogical to play all around July 4th and not play the 4th itself especially seeing it’s a Sunday this coming year.Also I think the Mann center shows are a thing of the past.camden holds thousands more people.also Philly /Camden shows have a tendency to be Tuesday Wednesday night .I’m going with spac 7/2 to7/4 and Camden the Tuesday wed before and mpp Saturday Sunday before that. Submitted for consideration.walnutz out

  2. I’m really hoping for a 2nd Residency in 2019, and from the looks of these brief early rumored dates it means it’s still in play. Heard a debate between Forum / BGCA, but that they could decide to go back to MSG. Draw to the Forum is a West Coast BD, and for those whom aren’t aware it’s owned by the same family as MSG…and their kids (or at least a few groups of kids in their family) are Heads too. Friends with one of them.

  3. My Uncle is high up at MSG and says they’re in negotiations with phish on another baker dozen type run in march. Since the Knicks and Rangers aren’t gonna make the playoffs They don’t won’t the garden being unoccupied for an extended period of time

  4. MLS schedule released.

    Rapids do not play a game at Dick’s on Labor day weekend and next home game is almost 2 weeks later….

    Dick’s is looking great for 2019. rumor has it the band told mgmt it was one of their favorite runs yet at the venue.

    • Would probably be Chaifetz Arena again. Which is best venue for them in St. Louis, 10K person indoor arena and they killed it in 2012. Being from st. Louis, I am really hoping we get em back this year finally. Potential down side of this is I’ve heard rumors around town that this is a warm up booking for bonnaroo. Similar to what they did back in 2016 with WI I believe.

  5. Hot off the wookwire!

    6/12 Chaifetz Arena, St Louis MO
    6/14 Bonnaroo
    6/15 Bonnaroo
    6/18 Molson Toronto
    6/20 MSG
    6/21 MSG
    6/22 MSG
    6/24 MSG
    6/25 MSG
    6/26 MSG
    6/28 BB&T Camden
    6/29 BB&T Camden
    6/30 BB&T Camden
    7/2 SPAC
    7/2 SPAC
    7/5 Fenway
    7/6 Fenway
    7/9 Blossom
    7/10 Pine Knob, MI
    7/12 Alpine
    7/13 Alpine
    7/14 Alpine

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