Spring 2019 Solo/Jazzfest shows

TAB Tour – Dates TBD

Vida Blue  Р4/27/19 . Joy Theater, New Orleans, LA

Benevento/Russo w/ Mike Gordon 4/25/19 , Orpheum Theater, New Orleans, LA

Mike Gordon Band  5/3/2019 . Joy Theater, New Orleans, LA

6 thoughts on “Spring 2019 Solo/Jazzfest shows

    • I’m looking forward to Page returning to playing his originals with Vida Blue and/or his solo band.

      Meter Men is cool but Page’s own solo stuff is cooler.

  1. This is awesome, but bring phish back to New Orleans! Last proper show was waaay back in ’99. But so pumped on finally being able to see the duo with mike! and Vida Blue! Yes!

  2. Any word on how TAB will deal with Natalie Cressman’s gig on Broadway with The Cher Show? Will Trey add a new horn, go with just Jen and James or just do Classic TAB?

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