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    • Is SF speculation, or is there anything behind it? I feel like MSG is the stand alone NYE option moving forward. It’s too comfortable for them to reinvent something at this point. I’m in NorCal and would love nothing more than to host a NYE run…just don’t see it.

    • Not to joke. But I’ve legitimately heard rumors of dead & co doing NYE there. They did a show in 2015. I’m thinking they’ll be back at the Garden.

  1. I’m really sick of MSG for NYE… Loved it for Bakers Dozen, and it’s a breeze in NYC over the summer; however, every year now I root for a return to AAA in Miami for NYE. The sooner they return there, the better. Hoping Miami makes its way onto the rumors. Thought maybe this year as a destination spot if no Mexico..:but I see other CID events will go on down there early 2020, so now I’m expecting we’ll also go back.

  2. No Miami – NYE 2020 has already consumed a huge amount of hotels, with super high prices. This will get interesting..

  3. So, saw a post a while ago where Bella confirmed it was back at MSG. But just saw something where an employee of the production company said it was in Miami. Guess I’ll book refundable rooms in both cities.

  4. 11/22/19 Coral Sky Amphitheatre West Palm Beach, FL
    11/23/19 Coral Sky Amphitheatre West Palm Beach, FL
    11/24/19 The Warf Amphitheatre Orange Beach, FL
    11/26/19 North Charleston Coliseum North Charleston, SC
    11/27/19 North Charleston Coliseum North Charleston, SC
    11/30/30 Saturday U.S. Bank Stadium Cincinnati, OH
    12/1/19 Sunday U.S. Bank Stadium Cincinnati, OH
    12/3/19 Tuesday Theatre At Grand Prairie Grand Prairie, TX
    12/4/19 Wednesday Frank Erwin Center Austin, TX
    12/7/19 Saturday T-Mobil Arena Las Vegas, NV
    12/8/19 Sunday T-Mobil Arena Las Vegas, NV
    12/10/19 Tuesday Bill Graham Civic Auditorium San Francisco, CA
    12/11/19 Wednesday Bill Graham Civic Auditorium San Francisco, CA
    12/13/19 Friday The Forum Inglewood, CA
    12/14/19 Saturday The Forum Inglewood, CA
    12/15/19 Sunday The Forum Inglewood, CA
    12/28/19 Saturday Madison Square Garden New York City, NY
    12/29/19 Sunday Madison Square Garden New York City, NY
    12/30/19 Monday Madison Square Garden New York City, NY
    12/31/19 Tuesday Madison Square Garden New York City, NY

  5. My brother works for Live Nation and he gave me the scoop, there’s no way Phish is playing anywhere besides the Mid-Atlantic:

    11/29 – 12/1 Hampton Coliseum, Hampton VA
    12/3 Capital One Arena, Washington D.C.
    12/4 Royal Farms Arena, Baltimore MD
    12/7 – 12/8 Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City NJ
    12/10-12/11 Santander Arena, Reading PA
    12/13 – 12/15 Duncan Doughnuts Center, Providence RI
    12/17 Times Union Center, Albany NY
    12/18 Blue Cross Arena, Rochester NY
    12/20 – 12/22 DCU Center, Worcester MA
    12/28 – 12/31 Madison Square Garden, New NY

  6. Since this a rumor site, and I heard a rumor of this rumor, and it kinda makes sense since trey finishes up work at Carnegie hall.. I guess it’s possible!

    11/22 + 11/23 West palm beach fl
    11/24 wharf Alabama
    11/26 + 11/27 Charleston
    11/30 + 12/1 Cincinnati
    12/3 Grand Prairie tx
    12/4 Austin tx
    12/7 + 12/8 Vegas
    12/10 + 12/11 San Francisco
    12/13 12/14 12/15 Los Angeles

    12/28 12/29 12/30 12/31 msg


    • I wish for a West coast NYE, but it’ll never happen. Can you imagine all of the butthurt that would radiate from back East?? They’d have to stay up SO LATE.

    • Had heard something was in the works for either BGCC or the Forum, but then heard that there’s not a snowball’s chance in Hades that they won’t be at MSG. Some day…maybe….

  7. Phish is playing NYE in the midwest this year, probably Minnesota according to Briar. Back at MSG for the next 3 years. Pack warm and see you at the twin cities!

    • Lol Good joke GJ! Solid delivery! C’mon man. You can’t drop some BS rumor like that without giving more details. WAY TO VAGUE to actually be believable. More deets and I might begin to consider believing you.

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