Phish Island/Late FallTour 2019??

11/22-23 . N. Charleston, SC ????

11/29-30: Dunkin Donuts Center, Providence, RI??
12/1-2: Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum Uniondale, NY??

12/2 or 3 Apollo Theater, NYC ??? The Met Philly??? SiriusXM Event

12/4 Philladelphia Wells Fargo Center or Pittsburgh?

12/6-8 Atlanta or Duluth, GA?? North Charleston Coliseum?

40 thoughts on “Phish Island/Late FallTour 2019??

  1. They are giving up Halloween and now doing shows on Thanksgiving Day (11/28). That’s what I heard anyways.

  2. Hey hey hey ^^ there will be No complaining over Phish’s potential first winter run since 09!!! Even if it’s 2 venues, oh and happens to be an island tour in 2019

  3. Hardly fits the spirit of the original, that of an impromptu run in an otherwise 6+ month gap without any shows in the US.

    My guess for anything other than the usual New Years MSG would be something in Cali or FL (I base this on the palm tree T shirt released by drygoods).

  4. No way they’re playing Apollo. Venue is way too small, only 1500 capacity. I’d love island tour round 2 though

      • Look man there’s just no way they put on a show there. People would lose their shit trying to get tickets. Scalpers would price them out so damn high. Wooks would ‘WOOOOOK’ harder than normal and just embarrass the community and scene. They’re far too big to play that venue man and as great as it would be the risk of damage is to great. Sorry about being a downer here.

        • Respectfully, Springsteen and U2 each played it as part of a Sirius promotion and it worked out just fine. They are far bigger acts. I think I might apply to be an usher now and avoid the ticket frenzy.

          • Respectfully, I can’t imagine the ‘WOOK’ scene of Springsteen, U2, Paul McCartney, Metallica, and other groups being as gross, rude, and obnoxious as some of Phish ‘Wook like’ Phans.

        • Roseland 2000 we had to go to venue to get wristbands the day before. It was organized, even though wooks disobeyed the “No getting in line prior to venue window opening at 8(?)am” rule. We are a seasoned community who knows how to navigate show intricacies faaaaar better than practically every other band. If it goes down, the only negative effects will be the crying (read the reality that you can’t always get what you want) from everyone who got shut out on their chance to get in the show. Gone are the days of working for, and earning, your ticket. (Get up early, get in line for hours, fill out money orders, etc. for your chance of getting a ticket, instead of phone, apps, bots all in the comfort of your home/cubicle. Just saying…

          • there will not be a single ticket put on sale for the Apollo if it happens. Sirius shows are closed to the public.

  5. Apollo shows apparently ALWAYS happen within months of a new sirius XM channel launch and its a benefit show that only Sirius XM contest winners get to attend. It has happened for a lot of the specific channel launches that are dedicated to one band.

  6. If there doing any shows they better make a announcement soon it’s getting into mid August already! This is all fake rumors till it’s announced from the band!


    Fall tour link above

    November 29th Dunkin’ Doughnuts Center Providence, RI

    November 30th Dunkin’ Doughnuts Center Providence, RI

    December 1st Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum – Uniondale, NY

    December 4th Petersen Events Center – Pittsburgh, PA

    December 6th North Charleston Coliseum – North Charleston, SC

    December 7th North Charleston Coliseum – North Charleston, SC

    December 8th North Charleston Coliseum – North Charleston, SC

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