8 thoughts on “Phish 4.0 Rivera Maya 2022

  1. I checked for availability at Moon Palace. They have pricing for every night up until the Phish dates. I find that interesting or it could be coincidental.

  2. I never want to show up the great phish rumors guy.. cause he bats like .900 and is almost always first with the news!

    But I’m here to announce… it’s all happening

    Phish is going to play home court/ Msg

    Thursday 12/30
    Friday 12/31
    Saturday 1/1
    Sunday 1/2

    Never miss a Sunday show… see everyone at the gaaaaarden

  3. Just got back from NYC. First time back in 16 months. Talked with a guy who know a guy etc. City hopes to open July 1. If all goes well thru August into September, MSG can open up. Rumor there is vaccination cards or some kind of digital card will be required for awhile.

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