18 thoughts on “Phish New Years Eve 2021-2022

  1. Big Cypress is the obvious choice- listen to the podcast about how they originally picked it – it’s the only place where you can safely do something to that scale and outdoors in the winter. And it’s awesome! Maybe they are afraid of trying to live up to recreating their best show ever? I respect that POV and understand … but I mean… all the Greenlights lead to Big Cypress baby! If they don’t do it for some kinda political reasons it’s kinda lame and I don’t understand, let’s leave politics out of rock n roll and just rock it in Phlorida at Big Cypress!! 70,000 people and the best vibes ever! I still think about that 3 days preceding Y2K- it was crazy then too! We all thought the world was gonna end so we gathered without any regard to the political situation of the time and just had the best damn time ever- witnessing the best Phish set ever, bar none! Flat out the best sound and still my fav recording… but maybe I’m biased, but aren’t there also 69,999 other phans like me who might be biased too?! Haha! Love to celebrate anywhere on NYE! Let’s just do it!

    • Big Cypress, my first ever Phish show – what a blast. The venue the people the music it was all one single moment in time that the world ignored. Y2K the end of it all but the very beginning for many of us. The sad truth is, there’s no way that Hendry County (very conservative population) is going to give another permit for this to happen. In fact it’s safe to say that after the epic disaster that Langerado left on that property the only shit that will ever touch the ground there will be cow shit. But hey, in these strange times ya neva know – i’ll keep my fingers crossed for sure!

  2. That would be amazing. It would also be great to have a festival on or around New Years where everyone had a chance at getting a ticket, since there is really no capacity, or at least a very high capacity. I think that would be one of the coolest things. I don’t think it would take away from how special Big Cypress was either. Nothing compares to that. It doesn’t seem very likely that this would happen again as a venue, but it sure would be fun to go back to the Everglades for Phish!!!

  3. I agree with the def not the time for MSG & New York. Should do Miami or Big Cypress or Coral Sky IMO — but if it’s NYC I’ll be there

  4. Well… as the pending cancellation ensues… hopefully we will all come to realize it should have been Big Cypress ALLLLLL ALONG!!!!

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