32 thoughts on “Phish Fall 2021

  1. It’s Vegas…. phish deal w people who manage msg and Mexico also run all the venues in Vegas

    Can’t wait for phish to play that new venue in Vegas

  2. The sphere is now The Cylinder, it was permanently closed, but will temporarily reopen as The Sphylindar for the foreseeable post covid future.

  3. I’ve heard a rumor on a 4-6 show mini Midwest run between Vegas & MSG over a week or so Mid Nov, pre Holidays. Came from someone I’d trust. Locations were interesting but what I heard was Mid Nov, Chicago x3, then Grand Rapids 2x, and 1-2 in PA/NY area. The Grand Rapids one caught me off guard, but Would love to see it! They are long overdue to play some more Midwest shows. Used to play Columbus yearly outdoors but Polaris no longer exists…Dead always plays Columbus indoors where the Blue Jackets NHL team plays — amazing stadium. I wasn’t familiar with the Grand Rapids venue…seen a show in general there before, but they do have some hockey stadiums like a glens falls or reading. I want to say Chicago was United Center and not Rosemont but since GR is closest to me that was the one that stood out. Wonder if Trey would come back to Ohio with Phish in Columbus after his abrupt solo Trey Tab show there, amazing solo, but rest of Tab testing positive for covid was last minute / he had until 11pm…ended the show at 10pm. This has turned into a ramble, but 3 in Chicago, 2 in Grand Rapids, and then somewhere near PA/NY mid Nov & I hope it pans out. All over the span of 1 week. Almost like a week or 10 days off Vegas then week of Phish tour. Then off till MSG, but we always get our hopes up for a winter tour or spring tour & they usually are just rumors…but I’m telling you I trust where I heard this so we’ll see; however, they said it wasn’t confirmed so I’d say toss up. Since no one else has mentioned it, wanted to chime in.

  4. whers summer 21 phish rumor guy!!! all these rumors out there, but your the source we need…. is it northerly island? 3 nights in maryland not 2? no jersey/philly stop? we need to know

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