Phish Summer 2023 Super Early Rumors

West Coast Late May – Early June

5/30-31 Bend, Oregon ?????

6/2-4 The Gorge, George, WA


7/12-13 or 7/17-19 Nashville, TN???? Tech rehearsal Bridgestone Arena?

7/14-16, 2023 Ameris Bank Amphitheater, Alpharetta, GA ??? Or Atlanta, GA

????????Bakers Dozen II – MSG, Ny, NY 7/21 – 8/6(Same Days as Original)????????

8/4-6 Atlantic City Beach, Atlantic City??????

Billy Joel on 7/24 —

8/31-9/3, 2023 Dicks sporting Goods Park, Denver, CO

19 thoughts on “Phish Summer 2023 Super Early Rumors

  1. with the lack of interest for phish at msg 4 nights, is there even a point in doing the bakers dozen… mine as well go to a different location where fans might be interested! $20 msg tix

    • Lack of interest? Yeh secondary market tickets were less than face but good T seats (100s/floor) still went for way above face.

  2. Billy Joel’s Monday 7/24 actually shows that another band has both of the last two weekends in July blocked out… wonder who it could be?

  3. I’m sure Phish loves the convenience of not touring around and knocking it all out at MSG. I’m sure the mixes stay dialed in and it’s MUCH less of a hassle, much more comfortable.

    NYC is a shithole. I have absolutely no interest in seeing any band there, ever. Miami isn’t much less of a shithole, I’d much rather go back to Miami for NYE. They’d probably sell out all 4 nights in a central location too. Tons of people showed up for 311’s Nashville 3/11 day because New Orleans sucks.

  4. Yeah whoever runs this site crossed out the wrong dates as MSG is staying where it is and as we all know the West Coast shifted.

  5. Really hope they do Bakers Dozen 2, and not they noticed or anyone cares, but I was the first to propose such on one of our many community threads soon after BD1 had ended. They should!! NYC could use the love, it was a run for the ages, and it’d be a first / funny gag on first repeat of such; however, obviously with new donuts & themes. If not this year I hope they do it one of these years. People are fired up excited about the potential. Maybe we’ll finally get Miami back for NYE — would say Big Cypress, but much different time in 2023 / idk if the preserve would allow a festival there. Was way too young for the OG there so if they ever did, count me in. Same on Miami NYE, especially if it’s the residency BD2 at MSG.

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