Phish Summer 2023

7/11-12 The Orion Amphitheater, Huntsville, AL

7/14-16 Ameris Bank Amphitheater, Alpharetta, GA

7/18-19 Live Oak Bank Pavilion, Wilmington, NC

7/21-22 Pavilion at Star Lake, Burgettstown, PA?????

7/23 St. Joseph’s Health Amphitheater at Lakeview, Syracuse, NY?????

7/25-26 The Mann Center, Philadelphia, PA

7/28-31 Madison Square Garden, New York, NY??

8/1-2 Madison Square Garden, New York, NY??

8/4-5 Madison Square Garden, New York, NY???

8/6 ????

8/4-6 Atlantic City Beach, Atlantic City??????

8/31-9/3 Dicks sporting Goods Park, Denver, CO

25 thoughts on “Phish Summer 2023

  1. This looks about right. I’m hearing 7 nights at MSG. When will the news drop? Is today the day or do we have to wait another week or two?

  2. Trey may have really loved Wilmington, but that makes absolutely no sense to skip Charlotte or Raleigh and get 1/2 of the payout. Two days as well? Highly doubt that. One day in Raleigh would make them as much as two days in Wilmington.

  3. As of right now here are the open dates at MSG:
    MSG Tue 7/11/2023 Shania Twain
    MSG Wed 7/12/2023
    MSG Thu 7/13/2023
    MSG Fri 7/14/2023
    MSG Sat 7/15/2023
    MSG Sun 7/16/2023
    MSG Mon 7/17/2023
    MSG Tue 7/18/2023
    MSG Wed 7/19/2023
    MSG Thu 7/20/2023
    MSG Fri 7/21/2023
    MSG Sat 7/22/2023
    MSG Sun 7/23/2023
    MSG Mon 7/24/2023 Billy Joel
    MSG Tue 8/8/2023 Sam Smith
    MSG Wed 8/9/2023 Sam Smith
    MSG Fri 8/18/2023 The National
    MSG Sat 8/19/2023
    MSG Sun 8/20/2023
    MSG Mon 8/21/2023
    MSG Tue 8/22/2023
    MSG Wed 8/23/2023 Madonna
    MSG Thu 8/24/2023 Madonna
    MSG Sat 8/26/2023 Madonna
    MSG Sun 8/27/2023 Madonna
    MSG Tue 8/29/2023 Billy Joel

  4. It will be the 50 year anniversary of Led Zeppelin at MSG (7/27-7/29/73) where and when they filmed a Song Remains the Same. Those dates appear free at MSG. Maybe Phish will honor it and Trey will wear a dragon suit.

  5. Bakers Half Dozen coming soon MSG

    Nationwide Arena Columbus Ohio has been trying to get them for years — maybe this year

    Anyone else hearing Coral Springs / Cypress / Miami NYE???!!!???

  6. Midwest shutout, maybe halloween? Sphere doesnt look ready for phish for halloween, maybe new years.. midwest crowds were amazing last few tears, shocked w the 100% skip

  7. willy, if there is a festival, it seems the midwest could be place – but i doubt it… no other location is feasable, especially northeast since whole tour is in northeast.. some farm land in Wisconsin would be ideal!

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