5 thoughts on “Phish Riviera Maya 2024

    • TAB is playing in September and October. Maybe they do a mini Winter Tour before NYE but that would be it. They only have room for 11 shows max before they hit their 50 show cap if you count the NYE shows as four, all the summer tour, this years mexico run, and the spring tour.

  1. While they did just do a small spring tour I can’t see them doing an 11-show fall tour. But that would be the max number of shows before they hit their 3.0 no more than 50 shows a year quota.

  2. Which msg is nye…. Vegas or nyc.. tell us!!!!

    U2 checks out 12/16

    7 nights msg summer
    7 night nye sphere run 12/27-1/2?

    Tell us rumor man!

  3. They are doing Allstate in November, my cousin Ricky does the Allstate act scheduling and told me it’s a sure thing.

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