14 thoughts on “No Phish 40th Anniversary Winter Tour

  1. something called Doja Cat at TD in Boston on 12/2.
    WashDC the only NE arena that looks open that night.
    Hampton’s a solid call probably.

  2. Phlorida please and thank you the air quality is high and the conditions are excellent to rage like Big Cypress was perfect but I am only requesting Miami

  3. MVP Arena (Albany) open entire timeframe except 11/26
    Mohegan Sun open 11/24, 11/26 11/28-29, 12/2-3
    DCU open 11/24-26, 11/28, 12/3
    TD Garden open 11/25-26, 11/28-29, 12/1
    Cross Arena (Portland) open entire timeframe
    The AMP (Providence) open entire timeframe
    XL Center (Hartford) open 11/24, 11/26, 11/28-29, 12/3
    SNHU Arena (Manchester, NH) open entire timeframe

    • i like mohegan sun. would they go back to vermont? i thought they would go with keybank center in buffalo 11/19 to start off. i like the albany call on 11/29. 12/2 won’t work.

  4. Albany seems solid. I called Hampton end of last year for fall tour. Glad to see the possibility of that happening.

    If Albany is a go…God willing, I’ll be there

  5. Jonas Bros in Albany on 12/2; Sienna college basketball (plays @ MVP Arena) has a home game scheduled vs Albany 11/26 with a TBD time, but no mention of the arena (these two teams would likely play @ MVP)

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