31 thoughts on “Phish Spring 2024

      • I don’t think so. Postcards from earth tickets are being sold every day in April, may. June as well
        I guess it will wait ‘till fall

        • They were also being sold for those dates U2 expanded into when they extended their run. The post cards from the edge shows works be refunded to any buyers.

    • What is The Sphere Experience with Darren Aronofsky’s Postcard From Earth? That’s going on in April during those dates. U2 dates they don’t perform.

    • This is the first time this rumor site which has been amazing is so quiet. What is going on? Are they doing the Sphere? Why does it say MGM?

  1. Do you think doing 6-8 show would be feasible at the Sphere or do you think a band would need a longer residency similar to u2.

  2. god i hope they dont play Sphere. I was just there for U2 and saw around 50 people leave because it was too intense. I cannot image if Phish play, they better have 700 doctors on site to deal with people freaking out on the visuals. The sound sucks and the stage is so small and tiny, the band look like midgets and can barely see them. tix would be $400 probably also.

    • I hope they do play the Sphere.. I was there a couple weeks ago and I saw around zero people leave. Most were blown away by how awesome it was. The sound was absolutely amazing and the visuals were jaw dropping. We all know what Mike looks like. You’re going for the audio and visuals, not to look at Trey.

  3. These dates seem off by 1 night based on how they usually play shows. For the first weekend, It says Sat, Sun, Mon. Wouldn’t that be Frii-Sun.

  4. Any rumors? I’ve heard more than once, Bethel will be the weekend before Dover. Also, Deer Creek August 2-5. These are all speculation by multiple people and all dates ‘could’ have a Phish weekend with no other artists at this point playing that specific venue.

  5. Musically, the Sphere shows were a trainwreck! So happy I didn’t $1,000 on one show for that gimmick. The best Phish shows are just the random ones in the middle of a tour that has no added hype, like Dayton, or Deer Creek – just a good’ol Phish show. No need to get “phantical” and drop $5,000 on Riviera Maya or whatever their next gimmick is. Phish really screwed over their fans (except the most wealthy ones) this time. Trey says that MondeGreen is going to be amazing….I sure hope so. But when MondeGreen turns into a trainwreck, at least I won’t have spent thousands trying to make it there. And also, I can’t wait to see Dead and Co. at the sphere on July 4th weekend for normal, reasonable ticket prices!

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